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New trend of face recognition in intelligent vending machines for minors protected from lookah glass

  In order to further protect minors from the attacks of lookah glass dab rig, on November 1, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued the "Notice on Further Protecting Minors from the Attacks of lookah glass dab rig". As a supplement to traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes, lookah glass dab rig has its own great safety and health risks. however, in the past two years, the market has gradually lost control of the over-marketing of lookah glass dab rig, even the sale of teenagers and the frequent occurrence of fake and inferior products. The circular issued by the two departments pointed out through CCTV2, CCTV Financial and Economic Yao Zhenshan, that the chaos in the market of lookah glass dab rig and the lack of supervision by various departments will lead to stricter supervision of lookah glass dab rig.

  How will the offline control of lookah glass dab rig control minors from being attacked by lookah glass dab rig? Lookah glass dab rig's off-line channel sales currently take many forms: convenience stores, physical stores, event sponsorship, bars, KTV, etc. With the concept of "new retail" put forward, intelligent unmanned vending machines came into being. There are many of them, such as Yueke, Mukrypton iMK, aspire, FLOW, and even the intelligent vending containers of lookah glass dab rig will be on the market.

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  Now let's take a look at the lookah glass dab rig intelligent vending machine.

  The specific approach of the intelligent vending agency to protect the minors plan is to integrate Alipay face recognition technology into the vending machine. At present, the intelligent vending machine developed on the market can determine the age of consumers through two ways of recognition technology, Alipay face recognition technology, and then through the way of paying by brushing ID cards.

  Advantages of lookah glass dab rig intelligent vending machine

  For lookah glass bone consumers, the operation is simple. Support for a variety of payment methods, after-sales protection. For operators, multi-scene coverage: convenience stores, restaurants, Internet cafes can be flexibly joined; Save labor costs and set up shop costs: self-selling, face recognition, no need for special supervision. In addition, operators can check the sales volume, sales volume, inventory and machine failure status of each machine at any time.

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  With the development of Internet of Things technology, the popularization of mobile payment technology, the rapid development of artificial intelligence object recognition and the emergence of various sensor lookah water pipe technology, the rapid development of intelligent retail terminals is being promoted. On the one hand, unmanned retail can replace most of the mechanical labor costs, such as cash register, shop etc.; On the other hand, it can extend the business hours and highlight the value of unmanned intelligent retail terminals. Subversion of the traditional sales model, intelligent vending machines capable of face recognition may have some room for development in the offline channels of lookah glass dab rig.