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Opportunities for development of new tobacco lookah glass bonds

  How to walk more steadily on the road of electronic new-type tobacco has always been a matter of concern to everyone. We invited Li Zong of Huayu Technology to share his unique views on "New-type Tobacco Development Opportunities".

  Li Zong's speech is divided into four aspects: the current situation of new tobacco, the market scale of new tobacco, policy supervision and regulation to help industry standards, and the development opportunities of new tobacco products. At the beginning, Mr. Li mentioned that lookah glass bonds is a development trend, not a tuyere. regarding lookah glass bonds as a trend is a career, and regarding lookah glass bonds as a tuyere is a business.

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  New types of tobacco are mainly divided into three categories: non-burning by heating, lookah glass bonds and smokeless tobacco. Lookah glass bongs can actually be called electronic tobacco products, the first being cigarettes and the second being consumer electronics.

  1. look ah glass bonds manufacturing automation trend

  At the present stage, most of the domestic lookah glass bongs products are realized manually, and there will be some differences between different teams. Therefore, consumer electronics is not completely developed. Consumer electronics, such as the current mobile phone processing, cannot be completely realized by manual labor, but is dominated by automated production.

  2. The 2.0 Age of Cigarette Oil

  At present, the smoke oil is in the 2.0 era in his opinion, and in the past it was in the free state, which is the 1.0 era. The nicotine salt represented by JUUL has increased the experience of various tastes by adding different dosages, which is called the 2.0 era. So what is the 3.0 era? Through communication with many people in the industry, Zhang zong believes that in the 3.0 era, chemists are needed to change the effect of a solvent and smoke agent such as PG/VG. Although there is no more information at present in the 3.0 era of tobacco oil, this product may appear in the future.

  3. Atomizer 1.5 Times

  The development of the atomizer, one of the cores in lookah glass bongs, has been in the 1.0 era up to now. Neither ceramic nor metal wire has changed its characteristics from the atomization principle. So far, IQOS mesh can be regarded as a breakthrough in atomization innovation in the 1.5 era. The main reason is that the heat generated by IQOS Mesh is cotton core. However, after the tobacco oil is dried, the cotton core will not dry and carbonize. However, under the continuous optimization and innovation of technology, new atomization mode products will appear in the future.

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  4. "winter" in lookah glass bonds market.

  In October, the United States reported a number of lookah glass bonds news and a proposal to ban seasoning lookah glass bonds. the incorporation of lookah glass bonds into the tobacco control regulations by the United States and several provinces and cities in the country can be described as the "early autumn" of lookah glass bonds. As the United States has a large proportion of sales volume of lookah glass bongs, whether the winter of lookah glass bongs will come or not depends on the specific measures for PMTA certification in the United States on May 20 next year. At present, Vuse, IQOS and Markten are all applying for PMTA in the United States, while many domestic enterprises have not done so.

  Once on the 20th of may, the market of lookah glass bonds in the United States will not be able to sell products without certification of PMTA, which will have a great impact on the lookah glass bonds industry.

  5. Heating does not burn the warm air in the market.

  The coolness of the lookah glass bongs market will also indicate a warm wind that heats non-combustible products. From PMI's IQOS sales performance and profits, it can be seen that the space growth of the non-combustible heating market is objective. After IQOS entered the Japanese market in 2017, its market share reached 15.8% in 18 years. After Korean, Japanese and Imperial tobacco entered the Japanese market, IQOS's market share is still growing, reaching 17% in the third quarter of 19 years. At present, it has also entered the fields of European Union, Russia, South Korea tobacco and so on. It is conceivable that there is huge room for growth. Fimo's traditional tobacco is declining, but its profits are increasing. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the non-burning market.