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Smoking lookah seahorse coil really kills people and is more harmful than cigarettes?

  Recently, there have been many negative reports on the Internet, such as the news of lung disease and even death caused by inhaling lookah seahorse coil in the United States. The headlines alone are scary enough. Xiao Hei, as an old user of Lookah Seashore COIL, was so scared that he quickly picked up the Lookah Seashore COIL on the table and took a big breath to press the alarm. On the eve of double 11, the country also issued a ban on the sale of the lookah seahorse coil network. The e-commerce platform was completely removed from the market, which instantly put the hot lookah seahorse coil in limbo.

  The worst thing is that the owners of the lookah seahorse coil brand have amassed tens of millions of goods and bought a lot of advertising resources, thinking of double 11's great success and have since reached the peak of their lives. With the release of the Internet ban on sales, life has completely bottomed out and people have lost everything and are heavily in debt.

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  A typical example is Luo Yonghao, the founder of Hammer Cell Phone, who couldn't do it at all. He wanted to turn over by looking ah seahorse coil and even hired Edison Chen to speak for him.

  Who knows, Lao Luo's * Wild New Product has just been officially released by the government and will be banned from office 20 minutes later. If I say it is Luo Yonghao, the national husband Wang Sicong will not refuse to accept it

  . If lookah seahorse coil is really as harmful as the domestic media say, then lookah seahorse coil must quit quickly, otherwise he will die. Don't say who will update the content for everyone in the future, Xiao Hei hasn't got a daughter-in-law, and he still wants to carry on the family line!

  In line with the attitude of being responsible for himself and everyone, Xiao Hei specially spent some time to systematically review the recent domestic and foreign reports of lookah seahorse coil, hoping to restore the truth of the matter. After spending several days and nights, I finally got a comprehensive understanding of the whole situation of lookah seahorse coil. Today I'd like to talk to you about my findings.

  Lookah seahorse coil is popular abroad, and the domestic market is almost negligible. at present, the most popular U.S. market share is as high as 13%, while the domestic market share is less than 1%, and has been in a lukewarm state.

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  However, by the end of 2018, JUUL, the largest U.S. lookah seahorse coil brand, was acquired by Marlboro, with a 3-year valuation of 38 billion U.S. dollars. JUUL immediately decided to give out 2 billion US dollars for the year-end bonus, and 1,500 employees will receive an average of 1.3 million US dollars each. After this myth of sudden wealth was reported in the country, it completely ignited the passion of the "ji" in the country and turned to the market of "lookah seahorse coil". No.1 employee of Hammer Technology founded * Lu Technology, while Lao Luo joined * Ye founded by former Hammer President Peng Jinzhou as co-founder. Microblog sensation Cai Yuedong sold his "fellow uncle" and established Y**z with former Korean microblog CEO Chen Yuxin. Even Lian Guomin's husband Wang Sicong did not fall behind and took part in the financing of Vijay's 10 million-level angel wheel. This year, more than 30 domestic brands of Lookah Seashore COIL received a total of more than 1 billion in financing, and Lookah Seashore COIL became the hottest start-up outlet. With the popularity of Lookah Seashore COIL, a lot of small-scale speculators have joined in, and hundreds of thousands of Lookah Seashore COIL brands have sprung up in the market. Lookah seahorse coil is a new industry, and there is no industry standard for the time being. the quality of lookah seahorse coil products in the market is also uneven. At the 315 party in 2019, CCTV exposed some irregularities in the lookah seahorse coil, and some even detected excessive formaldehyde content. Since then, people have begun to pay attention to the safety of lookah seahorsecore. Until August 2019, the Washington Post and other US media reported that 193 cases of serious lung diseases possibly related to lookah seahorse coil had been found in the United States, of which one patient died. Although the U.S. report "has not yet determined that these cases are caused by lookah seahorse coil," many domestic media, in the spirit of watching the scene of bustle and not afraid of big things, directly interpreted it as lookah seahorse coil's death, and publicized it on the internet, causing everyone to panic.

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  In fact, according to an investigation by an authoritative US agency, most of these lung disease patients have smoked marijuana THC lookah seahorse coil products containing vitamin E acetate, and THC will cause permanent lung damage. However, since marijuana is illegal in China, there is no such thing as marijuana and E-acetate. Therefore, the United States is not a country like this. For the domestic users, as long as they buy the formal brand of lookah seahorse coil products, there will be basically no such problem.