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Glass pipes' black september


  Wal-Mart, a US supermarket chain, announced on the 20th that it would suspend the sale of electronic cigarettes applicable to all Wal-Mart stores in the US. Wal-Mart said the decision stems from a recent White House and state ban on the lookah glass pipes industry.

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  On the 19th, according to US health officials, confirmed and suspected cases of pulmonary diseases caused by glass pipes nationwide rose to 530 cases from 380 cases a week ago, of which three-quarters were male and two-thirds were between 18 and 34 years old.

  On the 18th, a middle school student in Ontario, Canada was found to have severe respiratory diseases. Previously, the student had no health problems but smoked glass pipes every day. The doctor said the student's illness was related to glass pipes.

  India's Finance Minister Sitaraman announced on the 18th that India will completely ban the production, import, export, sale and advertising of glass pipes. The ban has been approved by the Cabinet and will be formally promulgated in the form of an "executive order".

  US President Donald Trump said on the 11th that "many deaths and many other problems" are "new problems" facing the US. Government officials later said that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) planned to ban the sale of scented jet water pipes nationwide.

  In Europe, facing the threat of glass pipes to people's health, European regulators said they were closely monitoring the developments. The European Commission promised to complete the scientific review of glass pipes by 2021 to provide a new basis for updating the existing measures.

  As a result of a series of negative factors, such as "potential health threats" and "adolescent addiction", glass pipes is estimated not to wear lipstick in this life and in the next life, and now they are more likely to survive. Obviously, for the glass pipes industry, September is dark, depends on the sky, is greatly influenced by industry policies, and is facing challenges.

  Interestingly, the sales copy of glass pipes is still healthy and positive.

  Regarding health, it has always been very interesting in the glass pipes industry. Its existence is Schrodinger's existence. Even if you really smoke, you may still be in a harmful and harmless state because it has two kinds of rhetoric.

  Sources of hazard data for traditional lookah glass bongs contain more than 1400 kinds of chemicals, and burning cigarette paper and combustible materials will produce a large amount of harmful gases, the square said. Nicotine is not the direct cause of water pipes disease and death.

  Glass pipes has the function of reducing hazards, because the main formula of glass pipes oil is glycerin, essence and nicotine, which will not produce harmful gases released by combustion. The British Public Health Bureau (Phe) said glass pipes is 95% safer than smoking. The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends smokers to replace traditional cigarettes with glass pipes.

  Opposite views have emerged in every corner. For example, an article in a health magazine in 2011 said that lookah glass bongs cannot quit smoking because glass pipes will lead to new addiction. If glass pipes is not used, smoking will be more and it will be more difficult to quit smoking.

  In an article entitled "Research Progress of glass pipes to Help Quit Smoking", besides discussing the advantages and disadvantages of glass pipes, it also pointed out its shortcomings bluntly.

  It believes that the biggest problem of glass pipes is the unpredictable health problems caused by long-term use of glass pipes. These health problems include whether glass pipes contains carcinogens and whether it has adverse effects on lung function. Another key issue is the government's lack of effective supervision of glass pipes. This unpredictable problem is obviously more elusive.

  Through some comments, it is not difficult to find out why glass pipes in Britain and other EU countries look safer. KR quoted industry sources as saying: Due to the implementation of strict standards, such as nicotine content, concentration and concentration of raw materials, etc. The United States only requires manufacturers to disclose the composition and safety certificate of glass pipes, but in fact there is no uniform standard-especially on "composition".

  Glass pipes, an upstream enterprise in the industrial chain, produces battery, cigarette oil, chip, cotton, cigarette holder and other accessories, among which Bolton, Hengxin, Wanrui, Dekang and other enterprises were born. Middle reaches glass pipes enterprise is a design manufacturer, mainly engaged in glass pipes production and assembly, representing McVille, jolin energy, evercorp, five-wheel electronics, gerry technology and other enterprises. Downstream includes agents, distributors, retailers and consumers.