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Glass pipes amazon tuyere is forming in 2019

        In recent years, with the release of smoking ban in various places, and the general awareness of the harm of cigarettes, whether external or internal causes, the future consumer group will become increasingly large. With the attention of people to glass pipes amazon and the continuous breakthrough of glass pipes amazon technology, many entrepreneurs and various capitals, such as employees of smartisan technology and new media, have entered the market one after another. After the financing peak in 2018, the first wave of glass pipes amazon financing came into being in the spring of 2019, followed by the new glass pipes amazon products, which were newly favored by entrepreneurs. Glass pipes amazon outlet is taking shape in the second half of 2018, and the first wave of venture financing collection has been ushered in in 2019.

  Table: part of glass pipes amazon financing information from 2015 to 2019

  As a major manufacturer of glass pipes amazon, China has a relatively mature supply chain. Meanwhile, with the development trend, the private brand of glass pipes amazon in China is gradually taking shape. After the successful case of glass pipes amazon by RELX, when spring 2019 begins, Zhu xiaomu, a former senior executive of the company, founded glass pipes amazon flow; CAI yuedong, founder of tongdao uncle, and he chang, founder of huang taiji, created YOOZglass pipes amazon; lingxi glass pipes amazon linx, co-launched by the founders of five leading new media; and iv glass pipes amazon, brand of zhang gengbin, former senior executive of jiuxian, have all been listed in the market.

  1. FLOW glass pipes amazon

  January 15, fast as technology conference held in Beijing. In the middle of the press conference, luo yonghao, founder of smaran technology and investor of kuairu technology, announced that zhu xiaomu, former core member and product director of smaran technology, founded glass pipes amazon brand "FLOW fulu" and launched the first glass pipes amazon product of the brand. On January 27, zhu xiaomu, former employee of smartisan technology no. 001, announced that the glass pipes amazon machine has been mass produced.

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  Glass pipes amazon features: nanometer injection molding pipe is adopted to solve the problem of "poor test of smoke oil and condensed liquid". Glass pipes amazon has designed four-fold protection. It includes: top symmetrical oil-absorbing cotton, bottom threaded seal, mushroom ceramic atomizer, bottom symmetrical oil-absorbing cotton.

  2. YOOZ grapefruit glass pipes amazon

  On the evening of January 20, CAI yuedong, the former founder of tongdao uncle, and several senior executives sent a poster with a small qr code to sell in wechat moments. Within 24 hours, 5 million products were sold. The YOOZglass pipes amazon brand founded by CAI yuedong quickly occupied the high ground in the circle of friends.

  Founding team: strong teams from Uber, procter & gamble, nvidia, dell, etc.

  Glass pipes amazon features: YOOZglass pipes amazon adopts FEELM honeycomb ceramic atomizing core, with tens of thousands of nanometer micro holes on the small chip. The machine adopts magnet suction to install smoke bomb, double leak-proof liquid technology, and medical pct-g material for the cigarette nozzle.

  3. LINX glass pipes amazon

  On January 22, Bianews reported that a screenshot from the founder of WeMedia went viral. It turned out that another glass pipes amazon brand was coming to market. The glass pipes amazon named "ling xi LINX" officially launched a series of products on January 27.

  Founding team: the members of lingxi glass pipes amazon are li yan, chairman of micro media holdings; zhang jinyuan, chairman of tongdao uncle; zeng hang, founder of junwu sub-surface; sha xiaopi, founder of vision vision; liu peng, founder of jiguo; ren yi, founder of mikesi; and zhang dafeng, founder of zhongjinhuicai investment.

  Glass pipes amazon features: lingxi glass pipes amazon features high-end luxury. It is reported that the iPhone XS process is full stainless steel mirroring polishing, sandblasting, PVD gas phase precipitation technology is adopted for coloring, and the design scheme of seamless laser welding and non-entrance of smoke oil is adopted for atomizing, and the atomizing core of fiber cotton with a mellow taste is adopted for atomizing.

  4. Iv ivway glass pipes amazon

  On January 28, a small atomized cigarette -- iv ai glass pipes amazon was officially launched on, jiuxian and other platforms after two years of development. This glass pipes amazon product is a joint research and development project of iv avion and AIRSCREAM, a glass pipes amazon brand in the UK. It is understood that iv avenue has already received tens of millions of yuan in financing and a new round of financing is underway.

  Founding team: iv avenue is a group of Internet enterprise executives, the founder of AIRSCREAM, American fimo international executives, and apple supply chain executives.

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  Glass pipes amazon features: iv avenue concocted a classic tobacco, mint bead blasting, smooth latte, pure and fresh and green tea, the imperial concubine litchi, mango smoothie six tastes of smoke oil. In terms of appearance structure, ivglass pipes amazon adopts the flat duck bill "bionics" smoke bill design, which truly fits the lips. The smoke body surface adopts precision sandblasting technology.

  One of the main common points of these 2019glass pipes amazon new brands introduced above is that most of these brand entrepreneurs bring their own traffic fans, and they all choose to build a new brand with their own popularity and channel influence. A group of new entrepreneurs in the glass pipes amazon industry basically have core members from apple, xiaomi, huawei and other mobile phone brands in the supply chain, ensuring the product quality control and delivery capacity, which is also a highlight.

  Objectively speaking, the explosion of glass pipes amazon is composed of various factors, including the market demand and the value of the product itself. Can it be accepted by the consumer group in terms of experience, design and price? At the same time, products, channels, brands and quality are also influential factors. As the spring of 2019 begins, the glass pipes amazon industry has attracted the attention of the public.