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Jet water pipes new seahorse lookah appearance highlights: crystal porcelain stacking process

  According to Blue Hole's New Consumption Report, on October 19, the newly-created jet water pipes brand seahorse lookah announced the 2019 dealer conference in Hangzhou, and released its first replacement type atomized light smoke and disposable atomized light smoke products.

  In terms of appearance, it is said that seahorse lookah did not adopt the common aluminum alloy integrated body in the market, but the outer frame was carved out of a complete aerospace industry-grade zinc alloy CNC, and combined with the crystal porcelain stacking process creatively. As a result, the cost was increased by 60%, but the advantage was that the structure was more stable and the battery could be protected more safely.

  Among them, the application of zinc alloy in jet water pipes is not rare, because of its high hardness, good formability and better appearance quality, it is widely used by jet water pipes brands such as SMOK, ZERO, OUKITEL, VEIIK, etc.

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  Jet water pipes zinc alloy appearance parts can be treated by sand blasting, electroplating, polishing, painting, wire drawing, etc. However, Seahorse Lookahjeet Waterpipes did not do anything about the outer frame, but specially developed a crystal porcelain stacking process.

  Huh? Crystal porcelain, stacked? It seems like I've seen it before. The ceramic back cover technology of the mobile phone has been turned over. A colored ceramic back cover has multiple layers of ceramic blanks and is composed of alternately overlapped white ceramic blanks and colored ceramic blanks.

  According to the blue hole report, seahorse lookah's main team has a background in mobile phones. there must be some connection between this crystal porcelain stacking process and the ceramic back cover process of mobile phones.

  One. preparing stacked ceramic sheets

  The process of looking ah bonds mobile phone ceramic back cover is to superpose the ceramic blank horizontally and radially alternately layer by layer, add and press the ceramic blank into a whole in six directions simultaneously, and finally carry out glue discharging and sintering treatment. In this process, the ceramic blank sheet, also called ceramic diaphragm, is first prepared by casting process.

  Tape casting process refers to the molding process of fully mixing zirconia powder with organic binder, plasticizer, dispersant, etc. to obtain flowable viscous slurry, then adding the viscous slurry into the hopper of tape casting machine, controlling the thickness with a scraper, flowing out to the conveyor belt through the feeding nozzle and drying to form a blank.

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  The thickness of the ceramic membrane green body prepared by the casting method is generally between 10 and 500 microns after drying and firing. After alternately stacking, pressing, glue discharging and sintering the ceramic green sheets, a ceramic sheet with high density, flat surface and uniform thickness is finally obtained.

  Second, the ceramic sheet is bonded with zinc alloy.

  There are many alternative glass bong king methods for bonding ceramic sheets to zinc alloy, such as mechanical pressing, gluing, friction welding, active metal brazing, solid phase pressure diffusion welding, etc. Considering comprehensively, brazing is more likely.

  1. Metallization of Ceramic Sheet

  Before ceramic and metal are bonded, ceramic metallization is usually completed by electroplating, chemical plating, evaporation, hot dip plating and other methods, i.e. one side of the ceramic sheet is plated with a tightly bonded metal film.

  Generally, the connection process is divided into three stages: the first stage is plastic deformation to make the connection interface contact; The second stage is diffusion and grain boundary migration. The third stage is the disappearance of interfaces and holes.

  2. Active metal brazing

  Active metal brazing method is to use some strengthening active elements such as Ti, Zr, Cr, V, Be, etc. with greater affinity to ceramics to form active solder with other metals such as Ag, Cu, etc. The solder melts and wets and fills the gap at the joint of the base metal without melting the base metal to form a brazing seam.

  Through the above steps, the glass bong king crystal porcelain stacking process and zinc alloy with higher hardness can realize perfect fusion. The stacked ceramics have higher appearance density, warm and smooth hand feeling, good heat dissipation performance, stable structure and higher safety.