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His self-deprecating production of integrated glassbond Amazon is "stupid" glassbond Amazon.

  Glass bong amazon is an electronic product imitating cigarettes. Its appearance, smoke, taste and feeling are the same as cigarettes.

  Zhang Jianwei, founder of Integrated Glassbond Amazon recently contacted by Qiyun Network, is an employee of Glassbond Amazon. Speaking of the original intention of starting a business, Zhang Jianwei said: "In 2014, I came into contact with Glassbone Amazon by chance. When I thought this product could solve the health problems of smokers and the harm of secondhand smoke to the public, I started to build the brand of Glassbone Amazon platform. A year and a half later, I found that many users thought glass bong amazon was difficult to use and there were great safety risks in filling and storing oil, so I created a brand, "Chinese Businessmen". In the past year, Chinese businessmen have accumulated 150,000 seed users. At this time, Zhang Jianwei found that although Chinese businessmen have accumulated a large number of seed users, their stickiness is not high and it is meaningless to continue to do so. After thinking, he created today's comprehensive glassbond amazon.

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  Zhang Jianwei started his business again, joining the team of product research and development engineers of famous enterprises such as Huawei, Bugao and Foxconn. In developing the first product, the team drew on the concept of separating printer host from consumables and developed an ink cartridge model integrating GlassBond Amazon. Six months later, in October 2016, the company successfully launched the ultra-thin card glass bong amazon, which is manufactured through Foxconn's factory. Over 300,000 sets of products have been shipped in just 6 months.

  Talking about the obstacles to the core competitiveness of products, Zhang Jianwei said bluntly: "First of all, we are original products. In this field of user experience, we attach great importance to it because it will make users sticky.

  Blue Beast: This is the first product of the company founded by Zhang Jianwei. Before the establishment of the company, the team had already helped other companies to produce three products, so the emergence of Blue Beast was only after market verification. Speaking of its characteristics, Zhang Jianwei said: "Its cigarette bin is closed, so there is no risk of leakage after being loaded with soot oil.


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  This product is mainly designed according to the preferences of domestic glassbond Amazon ring users and is very suitable for young people's fashion products. Its appearance is more dazzling and cool, novel and novel. Zhang Jianwei, which will have light on the smoke screen, adopts all-metal aluminum alloy technology and requires design inspiration. He smiled and said: "Apple uses aluminum alloy, too. I think it is very nice. In order to gain weight, I do not use aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and some technological treatment, and the product will be very atmospheric. .

  Shared box: it is a commercial product for smokers. it contains two cigarettes and one cigarette is smaller. This design mainly refers to the Chinese people's smoking habit-sharing.

  Rambo genie: a product tailored for car fans and positioned as a luxury glassbone Amazon for fans. to users, it is not only a glassbone Amazon, but also a handicraft.

  Among these three products, Blue Beast is an entry-level product, shared box is the most practical product for users, and Ranbo Spirit, as a handicraft product, is the focus of team design technology.

  Glass bone Amazon had problems of portability, extension and oil tank in the past. In the extension, comprehensive glassbone Amazon has improved, with the battery capacity reaching 2200 mA, and the charging can be normally used for 3-4 days or even a week. The fuel tank, combined with GlassBond Amazon, can reach 10 Ma. Under normal circumstances, 10 mA of oil can be used by users for 1-3 days for free replacement without repeated injection.

  Regarding the core barriers to product competition, Zhang Jianwei told reporters that the core barriers to products are mainly divided into three points:

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  Product structure: there are certain requirements for the rationality of stoves, anti-oil leakage technology and process specifications. comprehensive glass bong amazon has also applied for a number of technical structure patents.

  Output process control: glass bond Amazon generates heat through energy. how to control the temperature is an important criterion for judging the quality of glassbond Amazon. The sensitivity of human body to temperature determines the matching value of smoke, and the appropriate temperature is the key to impress users.

  In terms of financing, the company has received 5 million angel rounds of financing, and is expected to seek 10 million yuan of pre-A round of financing at this stage. The funds will be mainly used for product research and development and marketing.