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Cheap glass pipesInevitable policy risks

  Due to the short-term rise of China's glass pipes market, relevant policies and regulations have not yet been issued. However, iQOS is not produced and sold locally. It has already passed a ban.

  In May 2017, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued a notice prohibiting the sale and import of new cigarettes to retail terminals. It is pointed out that related products sold in the market flow into the domestic market through illegal channels, which greatly disturbs the operating order of the cigarette market. After the ban was issued by the National Bureau of Statistics, it had a direct impact on the original channel sales of heating and non-combustion products represented by iQOS. Now go to Taobao to search for keywords, and you can see that almost all the returned result pages have become iQOS peripheral products, and there are no equipment and cigarettes.

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  Before purchasing iQOS, Li Bin found that the product is currently only available in developed countries such as Italy, Japan and Russia, and is limited. There is no official sales channel in the Chinese market.

  Finally, he could only ask his friends to bring back a set of iQOS equipment from Japan through purchasing agents.

  However, at present, the risk of purchasing iQOS by proxy is also very high. For example, in February 2018, the Shanghai police found eight people who illegally operated "iQOS"glass pipes, involving 12 million yuan, and took criminal coercive measures.

  With the popularity of iQOS, some factories that used to produce smoke-like glass pipes have also begun to turn to this kind of "heated and nonflammable" glass pipes in an attempt to stop iQOS at a low price.

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  In addition, due to policy reasons, even though these glass pipes enterprises have overcome the problems in process and quality control, they are not easy to market.

  Luo Jia told Pin that the currently produced "non-burning heating" glass pipes equipment, such as iQOS, is not a difficult problem. It is difficult to strictly control tobacco in China, which leads to the situation that factories can produce tobacco sticks but cannot produce smoke bombs.

  This embarrassing situation has prompted these electronic cigarette manufacturers to promote equipment development and explore overseas markets for the purchase of tobacco bombs.

  At present, in overseas markets, the European Union has incorporated electronic cigarette products into the "Amendment to the Draft of Tobacco Products", which stipulates specific standards for the sale of glass pipes products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also issued new regulations for the first time, bringing glass pipes into the scope of agency supervision.

  However, in China, these are still blank. According to China's "Tobacco Monopoly Law", tobacco monopoly refers to cigarettes, cigars, tobacco shreds, cigarette leaves, tobacco leaves, cigarette paper, filter rods, tobacco tow, and special machinery for tobacco. This means that glass pipes do not fall within the scope of the law in our country.

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  However, Luo Jia believes that the development trend of glass pipes is irreversible. With the entry of traditional tobacco enterprises, the future laws and regulations will be gradually improved. Sources told Pinto that at present, traditional tobacco companies have also begun to develop relevant brands of glass pipes products. China Tobacco has set up the glass pipes Research Institute in Shanghai. Sichuan China Tobacco even introduced a "wide and narrow" glass pipes similar to iQOS heating and non-combustion.

  Although the policy risks are still unclear, we do not lack brave people in the face of the future market of handmade glass pipes, which may become a trillion US dollars. For them, the absence of a clear policy strike is already the greatest support.

  Just like the previous policy of calling cars online and sharing bicycles, no news is the best news at this stage. "a glass pipes practitioner told pinto.