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What problems will the glass crane pipe industry face?

  Under normal circumstances, banning the online sale of glass crack pipe will regulate the sales behavior of glass crack pipe industry. In China, the number of people aged 15 and over using glass crack pipe is about 10 million. The main way to use glass crack pipe is through the internet, accounting for 45.4%.

  From another point of view, banning the sale of glass crack pipe online has promoted the development of offline channels for glass crack pipe manufacturers. The development of offline channels will involve more manpower and capital investment. If not strictly managed, it may lead to more chaos in the industry.

  Landong New Consumer reported that a provincial glass crack pipe brand agent, knowing that the glass crack pipe agent was only 16 years old and a minor, had signed a contract with another party to sell tens of thousands of glass crack pipe products to the 16-year-old agent for sale.

  According to the situation in the buy glass pipe market, it is estimated that the global glasspipe market will reach 48 billion us dollars by 2023. according to the P/AM market forecast, the annual compound growth rate of the global glasspipe market will exceed 25%. The popularity rate of glass crack pipe in China is less than 1%, while that in the United States has exceeded 13%. The huge profit drive will also make some people blindly enter glasschilum pipe.

  According to celestial body survey data, there were more than 1,000 newly registered glass crack pipe enterprises in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and even more than 2,000 in 2019.

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  In terms of capital, venture capital institutions such as IDG, Tongchuangwei and Zhenfu have successively entered the glass crack pipe field and invested in glass crack pipe enterprises such as Yuechi, Fululou, Ono, Jules Laboratories in the United States, New Jules and Motidi.

  According to GLONHUI statistics, in the first three quarters of 2019 alone, 35 glass crack pipe brands in China received financing, with a total amount of financing exceeding 1 billion yuan.

  Glass crack pipe has a low threshold for starting a business and technology. Most of the production equipment and assemblies are produced by contract. Therefore, ticket purchasing companies do not have to transfer to the market.

  According to the data released by the National Health Council, China is the world's largest tobacco consumer, with more than 300 million smokers each year and more than 1 million deaths caused by smoking each year.

  As CCTV 315 pointed out, cigarettes have caused us to pay a painful health price. The harm of glass crack pipe must be understood in a scientific and correct manner, without falling into another consumer misunderstanding, so as to catch up with fashion in a period of time.