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Glass pipes: Great changes and great opportunities


  At present, the outside world has heard the voice of glass pipes, and some employees have lost confidence under strict supervision. On the other hand, platinum glass pipes chief marketing official Hui disagreed with the singing failure. lookah snail still has opportunities.

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  According to a study led by the ministry of health, glass pipes has reduced its harm by 95% compared with traditional water well pipes. In addition to the above conclusions, there are a large number of documents and experiments to prove the safety of glass pipes. Fang Hui said Platinum has a nicotine salt laboratory in New Jersey and is studying the potential impact of glass pipes on the human body.

  According to Zhang Gengbin, CEO of iv Aviv glass pipes, the rise of glass pipes in the domestic market is only about 5 years old, with little experience and immature market, and its development is bound to encounter twists and turns.

  In the short term, the Internet ban has triggered a huge industrial turmoil. It is normal for the outside world and even the entire industry to panic. However, extending this consumption trend to 5 to 10 years is irresistible. Strict supervision will restore the industry to a low-key and orderly state and have greater opportunities in the future. "Zhang Gengbin said.

  The partners of the bodybuilding glass pipes brand agree that lookah glass bongs will have great opportunities in the future. "glass pipes is not an accessory, but is becoming a daily necessity for users, just like buying toothpaste and shampoo. As long as the policy is stable and the market is reasonable, there are still good opportunities for competition, "he said.

  As long as a product is on the market, even if the outside world sings badly or even insults it, some people will want to buy it, "he said bluntly." This proves that there is still a market for this product. See how you find these target consumers.

  Founder Securities Research pointed out that since glass pipes came out in 2004, the global market has been expanding. The sales volume of glass pipes in 2018 was about 24.7 billion US dollars, and the number of users has rapidly increased from 7 million in 2011 to 40 million in 2018. It is expected that the number of users will increase to 64 million in 2022.

  This figure is less than 1/10 of smokers in the world. According to data from the world health organization, the total number of water well pipes users in the world is 1. In 2018, $337 billion. For a long time, China has been the world's largest water well pipes country. At present, there are 350 million smokers in China, and the annual cigarette consumption is about 50 million cases, accounting for 44% of the total number of smokers in the world. However, the penetration rate of glass pipes in China is only 0.6%, while in the United States, the world's largest glass pipes consumer market is 13%.

  According to CEO Chen Min, the rapid expansion of the global glass pipes market, the increase in the number of users and China's low penetration rate are the important basis for verifying that glass pipes has sufficient development potential and can realize long-term development.

  We look at the future development of an industry from two angles, whether it is good or bad. One is to check whether the user is real. Is there a demand for glass pipes products? Judging from the past development, this has been basically confirmed, which is why the industry has been able to grow at a high speed in the past few years, "he said," Chen Min said.

  Another view is to study the regulation of the industry by various countries. At present, Europe is open, the entire UK's regulatory policy and public opinion are the most friendly to jet water pipes, and its development is relatively mature. As for the United States, although a ban has been issued, it has not completely stifled the industry in fact, only to prevent minors from using products. It only bans the sale of fruit and mint flavor, which is aimed at closed systems. There is no problem opening glass pipes. "。

  In short, in Chen Min's view, glass pipes has sufficient market potential and users have real needs. At the same time, the government proposed to supervise an industry, which actually has a normative effect on the industry and acknowledges the development of the glass pipes industry. From these two perspectives, the glass pipes industry will definitely have a long-term development.

  China's glass pipes National Standard "is an important basis for China's glass pipes industry to end chaos and become the" main body "of the industry. Today, glass pipes is waiting for the "launch" of the national glass pipes standard to land. The national standard to be promulgated is the only mandatory standard in the glass pipes industry. It will play an unprecedented regulatory role in the glass pipes industry and will greatly enhance market confidence. Fang Hui said.

  Zhang Gengbin predicted that the national standard in the future will be a very systematic, comprehensive and perfect standard, which will be effectively supervised from the aspects of product procurement, production, packaging, sales, etc. to further raise the entry threshold of the industry. "At that time, capital may flow in again and the industry will enter a new stage of development within its control.

  However, he believes that the national standards will not be promulgated in a short period of time, because enough time is needed to cool down the industry and bring it back to rationality.