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Glass pipes Tough Winter


  The structure of electronic cigarette products includes smoke bombs (smoke oils), water pipes rods, sprayers, batteries, etc. At present, electronic cigarette products in circulation on the market can be divided into the following two categories:

  The first category: steam water pipes, also known as atomized water pipes, belong to traditional electronic cigarettes. Its basic principle is that propylene glycol and glycerin mixed smoke oil containing nicotine, essence and other components, after being atomized or heated by ultrasonic atomization, produce smoke similar to cigarette combustion for people to smoke. Juul in the United States, for example, falls into this category.

glass pipes

  At present, the main water pipes circulating in the domestic market are such steam water pipes. Steam water pipes are easy to exchange, less harmful and less polluting, but the biggest disadvantage is that they cannot simulate the real smoke flavor. The taste of smoke oil can only simulate the taste of glass pipes as much as possible, but there is still a gap with the taste brought by real smoke.

  The second category: heated non-combustible water pipes, which belongs to a new type of glass pipes product between traditional cigarettes and steam electronic cigarettes, is to heat glass pipes through an electronic high-temperature device to generate smoke containing nicotine and other chemicals. For example, iQOS of Japan.

  Heating incombustible lookah glass for sale is actually glass pipes heating, and its harmful substances are reduced by 90% compared with actual smoke. More importantly, its throat feel and smoking style are close to real smoke.

  At present, steam pipes have a major market share in the water pipes industry. however, due to regulatory policies, such businesses are mainly concentrated in small enterprises. In order to avoid risks, listed companies mainly focus on water pipes products that are not regulated by the national glass pipes monopoly bureau, or even if the water pipes products produced are mainly sold overseas. Among the newly established third board listed companies, there are very few enterprises that mainly produce water pipes and related glass pipes products. enterprises that directly produce tobacco (tobacco oil) or glass pipes, tobacco (tobacco oil) or glass pipes are usually provided by customers or purchased from suppliers designated by customers.

  In 2017, the national glass pipes monopoly bureau issued a "notice on the identification and inspection of new cigarette products", which includes four new cigarette products in the cigarette identification and inspection catalogue, namely iQOS, Glo, Ploom and Revo. At the same time, the National glass pipes Monopoly Bureau has successively issued notices prohibiting the sale and import of new cigarettes to retail terminals. It is pointed out that related products sold in the market flow into the domestic market through illegal channels, which greatly disturbs the operating order of the cigarette market.

  Once the ban is implemented, it will become illegal to sell overseas heated non-combustible water pipes. Because water pipes contain nicotine, it is addictive and harmful. water pipes cannot actually give up smoking, but under the same circumstances, smoking addiction is a less harmful choice. Water pipes are more and more popular with young people because of their fashionable appearance and various tastes. On the contrary, non-smoking minors have become addicted to cigarettes, even forming a steam culture about smoking in the United States. Therefore, the regulatory agencies explicitly prohibit any sales channels, including e-commerce platforms, from selling e-cigarettes to minors, without distinguishing between specific types of water pipes online.

  In other words, even if there is a license to sell, it is still illegal to sell imported non-flammable electronic cigarettes. However, domestic heating non-combustible cigarettes still have important vitality, that is, domestic enterprises produce and sell their own heating non-combustible water pipes. After obtaining the glass pipes Monopoly Production Enterprise, glass pipes Monopoly Wholesale Enterprise, glass pipes Monopoly Retail License and other laws and regulations, glass pipes Monopoly Production Enterprise, glass pipes Monopoly Wholesale Enterprise and glass pipes Monopoly Retail License, It is still possible to produce or sell glass pipes monopoly retail licenses stipulated in the "glass pipes Monopoly Production Enterprise License", "glass pipes Monopoly Wholesale Enterprise License" and the "glass pipes Monopoly Retail License Law". However, the glass pipes Monopoly Wholesale Enterprise License and glass pipes Monopoly Retail License can still be produced or sold after obtaining the glass pipes Monopoly Production Enterprise, glass pipes Monopoly Wholesale Enterprise and glass pipes Monopoly Retail License. However, judging from the great success of iQOS and other aspects, water pipes without heating have great market potential in China.

  Judging from the current situation of supervision, punishment cases related to water pipes products are basically concentrated on heating non-burning water pipes bombs. Regarding steam water pipes bombs, on the one hand, the national lookah seahorse coil monopoly bureau admitted that the current "glass pipes monopoly law" does not directly include atomized water pipes in the definition of "glass pipes products". steam water pipes are still in the "three noes" state, with no product standards, no quality supervision and no safety evaluation. On the other hand, water pipes are very similar to traditional glass pipes in product composition, function, consumption mode and health risks. The national glass pipes monopoly bureau has also actively promoted the incorporation of nicotine-containing atomized water pipes into glass pipes product supervision, without excluding the introduction of relevant regulatory policies. In other words, the production and sale of steam electronic cigarette bombs do not require a glass pipes exclusive license at present, and most small and medium-sized operators in the market also concentrate on the production and sale of steam water pipes grass bombs.