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Is glass pipes worth exhausting entrepreneurs

  In the next three to six months, 90% of the glass pipes project will die out. Some projects that prepare for double 11 to attract capital may also decline due to capital chain problems. Qiu Yiwu made this bold prediction. Many people in the industry also speculate that the national standards for the glass pipes industry may be released by the end of this year. Once the policy is tightened, the glass pipes industry may shift from prosperity to decline. From this perspective, Qiu Yifu's prediction is not groundless. However, Ken believes that even if national standards are promulgated, the likelihood of killing the lookah seahorse coil industry will be relatively small. After all, this industry is in a period of rapid growth. The first thing to do is to standardize and strictly control the products "should give the glass pipes industry a certain period of adjustment.

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  Policy risk is the biggest problem in the glass pipes industry, and Qiu Yiwu also believes that this is one of the reasons why he is betting on the glass pipes industry. He believes that it is precisely because of this risk that large companies will not participate, leaving more room for small and medium-sized enterprises. In fact, there are many famous founders of glass pipes who do not take lookah water pipe as their main project at this stage. They have their own set of methods to resist risks, which can be said to be a modern version of "The Three Caves of Cunning Rabbits". For example, Qiu Yiwu revealed that he owns four companies, namely supply chain company, design company, brand company and channel company.

  Now, making glass pipes has also divided the "Whale Smoke" project into four paragraphs. Even if this brand cannot be achieved in the future, the design company can also design for the foreign glass pipes company, the supply chain can serve the overseas enterprise, and the channel company can obtain the license to help the Chinese cigarette to sell cigarettes together. Before making glass pipes, Qiu Yifu received the investment of Xie Shihuang, founder of Ali. He made "yunma Electric Intelligent Driving" and could not compete with the eight poles of lookah glass bong. When Zhong Yufei delivered a speech at this week's electronic cigarette salon, he even inserted his "anti-cancer, anti-aging and hypoglycemic" into the US market many times. And so on, various effects of "health care products". He also said that his core business is in the United States, not at home. In addition, he has a data line factory in Dongguan.

  Therefore, it can be seen that the "veteran" in this industry has another business that disperses the risk of glass pipes starting a business. Everyone thinks that the threshold for glass pipes to start a business is very low, but entrepreneurs with lower leverage dare not enter this threshold. A continuous entrepreneur on the internet sighs, "bullet finance." From another perspective, it can also be said that the current glass pipes industry is actually not an area worthy of entrepreneurs Arlene's involvement, and the uncertainty is too great. In addition, although the glass pipes industry is still in the state of cooking edible oil, the technical content and marketing methods of various companies are similar, and the development limitations are clear at a glance. Under the premise of uncertain policies, entrepreneurs cannot place all bets on this track.

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  A large number of bets are made on capital, and various kinds of entrepreneurs are surging across borders, making glass pipes' wave of entrepreneurship last for a period of time. The threshold for this industry seems to be very low, but in fact it is very difficult to do glass pipes well. At present, in the chaos of the industry, we can clearly see the embarrassment of lookah glass bong review startup: it cannot become an upstream manufacturer or use downstream channels.

  However, on this crowded track, competitors have certain figures in their hearts and a set of statements in their mouths: Zhong Yufei said: "The simpler the product, the harder it is to stand out from the competition. "glass pipes is a high-tech industry, a comprehensive demonstration of electronics, chemistry, medicine, algorithms and other technologies," said Sheng Wang, partner of the Enoch Angel Foundation. Everyone said that the glass pipes industry is an original sin industry. Unfortunately, so far, many brands have packaged themselves as healthier, fashion-related images, even targeting young women, eager to arbitrage away from all groups and make money before you say it ",sometimes reaching the edge of risk. Today, the industry urgently needs the release of national standards to standardize the development of the entire market. According to Zhong Yufei: "The country needs to draw a framework and clear boundaries for players in this industry. "。

  Therefore, although he believes that the glass pipes industry needs "evil capital and terrible policies", it actually emphasizes that "capital is the booster of glass pipes" and "national policies are the cornerstone of the development of glass pipes". After all, glass pipes are burning again, making profits is tempting, and in the end they must be supervised to survive healthily.