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Will glass pipes really be banned this time?


  Glass pipes is an electronic product imitating glass pipes. It has the same appearance, smoke, taste and sensation as cigarettes. It converts nicotine, etc. into steam through atomization and other means, allowing users to smoke a product.

  Smoke bomb is essentially a simple finished product atomizer. It is a disposable consumer product. It is a fully sealed or semi-sealed small atomizer. Most smoke bombs integrate heating wire, cotton and smoke oil packaged water pipes online in oil tank. According to different power supply parts, the shape is mainly the shape of cigarette nozzle, and there are also special-shaped smoke bombs.

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  Although glass pipes has its own style or brand, the general glass pipes mainly consists of three parts: smoke tube, evaporator and battery containing nicotine solution. The atomizer is driven by a battery rod, and can convert liquid nicotine in the smoke bomb into fog, so that users have similar smoking feeling when smoking, and realize "swallowing fog".

  China is the inventor and major producer of glass pipes. More than 90% of the glass pipes in the world come from Shenzhen and other parts of China, but China's supervision of glass pipes is still blank. In China, glass pipes are neither drugs, nor medical products, medical devices, nor water pipes, so most glass pipes are in a "three empty" state, that is, there is no product standard, no quality supervision, and no safety assessment.

  At the international level, there are also great differences in the attitudes and policies of governments towards glass pipes. Some countries regard it as a consumer product, others as a drug, and others as a lookah glass bongs product. Therefore, the policy towards glass pipes is also different. Some countries support it, some prohibit it, some exercise proper control, and others have not yet expressed their position.

  According to Bloomberg, San Francisco voted on June 25 to ban the sale of glass pipes. It is illegal for local shops to sell glass pipes or for online retailers to deliver goods to the city's address. The move could make San Francisco the first city in the United States to ban the sale of glass pipes. However, buying traditional cigarettes and marijuana products in San Francisco, including steam marijuana, is still legal.

  Glass pipes is a product that generates fog by heating a special solution absorbed by the user. Some products are shaped like traditional water pipes, while others like daily necessities, such as pens or U-shaped plates. The World Health Organization believes that aerosols produced by the use of glass pipes usually contain toxic substances and pollutants, which may lead to a series of pathological changes in the human body.

  The Guardian reported that San Francisco Mayor LondonBreed had 10 days to review the bill after the June 25 vote. If she signs the bill, the ban on selling glass pipes will take effect in seven months. According to the Guardian, LondonBreed said she would sign the bill.

  U.S. legislation on lookah glass for sale equipment is progressing slowly. The co-sponsor of the bill, San Francisco prosecutor DennisHerrera, said the Food and Drug Administration (Fda) did not require glass pipes to pass the approval process before selling.

  JUULLabs, a star start-up in the glass pipes field, will be directly affected by the bill. In response to San Francisco's latest ban, the San Francisco-based glass pipes company said the ban would force former adult smokers who successfully used glass pipes products to return to the deadly cigarette market and "create a thriving black market".

  With the decline in cigarette usage in the United States, water pipes began to seek income growth in other regions. glass pipes, which is popular with young people, has become a new growth point, with Poland using up to 62% of glass pipes. However, the specific impact of glass pipes on human health is still unclear.

  Earlier, U.S. regulators found that seizures by glass pipes users have increased since mid-2018, but it is unclear whether glass pipes is the culprit. In April 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it was investigating whether glass pipes would cause epileptic seizures in some users. The report said that FDA is studying 35 seizure cases of glass pipes users, mainly targeting young people.

  The World Health Organization said that secondhand aerosols produced by the glass pipes heating solution (secondhand smoke from glass pipes) are a new source of air pollution. These substances include particulate matter (including fine particles and ultrafine particles), 1,2-propanediol, some volatile organic compounds, some heavy metals and nicotine. This is not just "steam", as many marketing campaigns do. Compared with smokeless fresh air, secondhand aerosol can cause PM1. The value of 0 is 14~40 times of PM2. The value of 5 is 6~86 times. Nicotine content is 10-115 times of the original. Acetaldehyde content is 2-8 times of formaldehyde content, and formaldehyde content is 20% higher than acetaldehyde. It produces some metals, such as nickel and chromium, which are even higher than the second-hand smoke produced by traditional cigarettes.