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The Difference between glass pipes and Traditional Tobacco


  Although glass pipes are already very popular in life, glass pipes and smokers who want to try glass pipes are actually very vague about the difference between small cigarettes and traditional water pipes for sale. Some friends said glass pipes contains nicotine and does not contain cigarettes? What is the difference between the two? How do you think small cigarettes are healthier?

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  We know that the traditional glass pipes oil generally contains nicotine, the nicotine content is between 1.5 mg and 18 mg. Nicotine is usually what we call an addictive substance. Besides nicotine, the main components of common water pipes oil also include glycerol, propylene glycol, essence, etc. Are these components safe?

  Propylene glycol is used as flavor dissolving medium in tobacco oil. Glycerol is too sticky to dissolve essence, so propylene glycol needs to be added as the dissolution medium.

  Glycerol is usually purified from plant materials and its main function is to increase the amount of smoke generated. The higher the proportion of glycerin in the smoke oil, the greater the amount of smoke produced after heating atomization. Glycerol is generally added to cosmetics, food, chocolate and other daily necessities, so glycerol has no adverse reaction to human body. However, if glycerol used in water pipes oil contains low-purity impurities, it can be deposited on heating wires or steam can enter human body during heating.

  Apart from the different proportions of glycerol and propylene glycol, essence is the ingredient that makes each glass pipes taste different. Generally speaking, lookah glass bongs oil will use plants to extract essence or industrial synthetic perfume. industrial synthetic perfume is produced by organic chemical reaction, which is more uncertain. therefore, more glass pipes enterprises will choose to extract different essence from plants.

  Nicotine salt, a stable chemical substance, is the main reason for producing cigarette oil and is usually made into disposable closed cigarette bombs. Compared with nicotine, the transmission efficiency of nicotine salt in blood has been greatly improved, so the transmission efficiency of this substance is certainly much stronger than the traditional water pipes oil, and the irritation to respiratory tract is also smaller and smaller. Theoretically speaking, nicotine salt can greatly improve the smoking ability of small cigarettes.

  However, safety and health are related, and the problem of whether nicotine salt and smoke are harmful cannot be generalized. Just as nicotine salt can bring happiness, moderate intake can relieve emotional tension, but drinking too much water can also lead to poisoning.

  If you think water pipes online does little harm and you don't leave your hands, it will also do harm to your body. What really causes harm is blind pursuit of happiness, psychological and physical dependence, not material itself, which is what we often call "addiction".

  From smoke to smoke, from filling oil to changing bombs, are all the results of technological progress and user iteration. With the development of nicotine salt technology, the taste and experience of small cigarettes have been improved. I believe that with the progress of technology and the intervention of state supervision, small water pipes products will become the consumption choice of new generation smokers.

  The main glass pipes contain no tar, no carbon monoxide, no secondhand smoke, no heavy metals and no carcinogens. The use of replaceable smoke bombs, together with different tastes of water pipes oil, have solar series nicotine salt smoke, the smoke oil tastes mellow, ensuring smokers' reasonable demand for nicotine.

  No harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide are generated, hazards are eliminated, and natural health is achieved. 2 ml atomizer capacity, fully permeates every drop of smoke oil, tastes more exquisite, can be enjoyed at any time and anywhere, is simple to operate, is simple to operate, has no key design, pneumatic switch air induction braking, starts sucking, and puts down automatic dormancy.