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Lookah snail sales channel potential for future development

  In terms of sales, domestic lookah snail sales mainly through wired, agent and offline lookah snail shop. Each major e-commerce platform is the preferred sales platform of lookah snail startup company. Although there are many lookah snail shops in major cities, most of its users are "big smoke" users, so the proportion of online channel sales is relatively larger. In the United States, lookah snail stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets are the main platforms for lookah snail, in addition to a small number of e-commerce outlets, because foreign smokers are already familiar with lookah snail products. In China, lookah snail market education has not been completed yet. Even though it costs a lot of money to buy products in convenience stores, smokers do not know the products and do not buy them hastily. As a result, they are doomed to fail miserably.

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  "With 300 million potential users, the market could explode at any moment," it has been said for years. Zhang qing, an investment agency, said she started researching lookah snail racetrack in 2016 and invested in domestic lookah snail company aveop. When talking about the development of lookah snail industry, zhang qing mentioned a common "joke" in the industry.

  In terms of lookah snail's purpose, China's 300 million smokers have an incredible growth potential. However, even though it produces 90 per cent of lookah snail products worldwide, domestic lookah snail accounts for only about 5 per cent of the global market. Zhang believes that price and stereotypes make lookah snail difficult to popularize among smokers in China. First of all, the price of a pack of cigarettes abroad is generally maintained at about 50 yuan, compared with lookah snail tobacco oil, which is much lower. Using lookah snail is much more cost-effective than buying a traditional cigarette if the nicotine intake is the same. However, the domestic price range of cigarettes is very large, as the lowest price can be as low as 3 yuan to buy a pack of cigarettes. "Most smokers in China spend less than 10 yuan (a pack)." Compared with the more expensive lookah snail, zhang said, "of course they would choose traditional cigarettes." In addition, in the era of "smoke" at the beginning of the century, the originator of lookah snail was once questioned by authoritative media such as CCTV in China. In addition, due to technical limitations, the taste and use of smoke at that time had many disadvantages. Such as smoke in the domestic rout, also gave many smokers a lookah: unreliable brand.

  Liu jihui of salt science and technology believes that price may not be the reason for limiting the "imagination" of Chinese smokers, but the force of habit is really hard to change. "The lookah snail is a tough customer to satisfy for someone who has been smoking for 40 years and is now in their 50s and 60s." Liu said. So the new lookah snail startup, which defines its core user base as "young people in the fifth ring", was forced to do so -- only this group is the most open and willing to try new products.

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  Lookah snail is just as appealing to young people as it is to those who are not allowed to smoke. Juul is a smash hit in the us market, but has been blamed for turning many minors into lookah snail people. The us food and drug administration (FDA) issued several regulatory notices against Juul in 2018, such as removing fruit-flavored cigarette bombs from convenience stores and investigating Juul's marketing practices for targeting minors.

  "Smoking [traditional] cigarettes is not cool anymore." Liu jihui said that the old marlboro man's unruly charm has given way to a group of friends on the social network to attract lookah snail to share pictures. When Juul and Snapchat have the same appeal, it's no wonder teenagers are flocking to them.

  In a sense, Juul owes much of its success to its backpack-toting "users." "It's wrong for a non-smoker to be a lookah snail user." "But many people were asked by their fathers to buy cigarettes when they were young, so there is no way out," liu said. After all, even in the days of traditional cigarettes, there were underage smokers. But the rise of social networking has allowed lookah seahorse, a new type of tobacco, to gain popularity more quickly among teenagers, the most vulnerable to e-syndrome.