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Seahorse lookah industry history

  Seahorse lookah industry history

  Theories vary as to the origin of the seahorse lookah. In 2003, Chinese pharmacist han li created an industry by using propylene glycol as a solvent to dissolve nicotine and an ultrasound device to atomize the liquid. This of course is still very proud of the wisdom of the people.

  But more is said to have precedents, going back as far as 1963.

  That year Herbert a. gilbert developed A device that heated A nicotine solution and produced A vapor gas. In 1965, the patent was granted, and his idea of invention was mentioned in the most popular journal of mechanics. Unfortunately, despite gilbert's talks with manufacturers in 1967 about quantitative production, it never really hit the market. After that, the device faded from public opinion until it disappeared.

  It is a new century. In 2001, Stephen Vlacho designed the world's first lookah glass bong review prototype, which USES electronic thermal resistance to heat a nicotine-containing liquid mixture to create steam. The following year, it made its official appearance at the international exhibition of inventions in Geneva, arousing the strong interest of smokers. Maybe Steve didn't realize it was an epoch-making product, and he didn't patent it.

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  When a similar product was introduced in China in 2004, the brainy Chinese touched a nerve and changed Stephen's mind. He set about making the first seahorse lookah and claimed that his patents had been stolen. Whether this is the case is impossible to verify.

  History is always like this, every product will have a prototype, a development, a mutation. If gilbert's device in 1963 was a prototype, and Steve developed it in 2001, then the Chinese made it mutate, and thus emerged as one of the most innovative technological products of the 21st century, with epoch-making historical significance.

  That's just the beginning of the seahorse lookah. For a decade after that, seahorse lookah remained a niche product, more for hobbyists to enjoy in the cool smoke rings.

  It is too early to say that seahorse lookah has broken the traditional tobacco monopoly. Regardless of how small the current audience of e-cigarettes is, it is possible to predict how difficult it will be in the future, since the market for traditional tobacco is not driven solely by product quality. Here the benefits are not extended, the knower knows.