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Jet water pipes are booming in New Zealand, reducing local smoking rates

  According to New Zealand life, the jet water pipes business in New Zealand is booming.

  For Josh McNally, who has smoked for 15 years, the fog of life is finally gone. After giving up smoking for 15 years, he turned to jet water pipes.

  "The cough in the morning is far away from me. When I walk, I'm not panting anymore." "I'm saving up," he told Newshub. "I'm spending it at the gym, getting in shape, getting my health back to normal."

  The number of people who contacted Quitline increased by 30 per cent this year, with 10 per cent using jet water pipes as a smoke replacement.

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  QJ Satchell confidently founded NZVAPOR and began making and selling jet water pipes, both nicotine and non-nicotine jet water pipes. There are now 200,000 jet water pipes players in New Zealand, and he says business is booming. He is moving to a bigger factory to accommodate his growing business.

  "We don't want non-smokers and children using jet water pipes," Mr Satchell said. "we want to make sure our services are for the right people, current smokers, adult smokers who need to quit."

  Overall, smoking rates in New Zealand have fallen in recent years, to below 14 per cent, but Maori smoking remains high and there are still 5,000 smoking-related deaths each year.

  Mihi Blair, of H paiteHauora, said the ministry of health had just signed a small project with Maori women, whose biggest success was to give them the option of jet water pipes instead.