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Is lookah seahorse coil healthy

  Compared with traditional cigarettes, steam lookah seahorse coil can reduce the harm of cigarettes by more than 95%. It has the characteristics of no tar, no carbon monoxide, no carcinogen, no combustion, and no various harmful chemicals produced after combustion. Will not cause "second-hand smoke" to others and pollute the environment; The main raw materials of lookah seahorse coil oil are edible plant glycerin, propylene glycol, edible spices and nicotine salt. Some of the above materials are widely used in the food field. They are all purchased from suppliers of procter & gamble and have national testing certificates.

  Do you, who enjoy smoking in a healthy way, have any questions about the products of lookah seahorse coil? This time we sorted out the Suggestions and feedbacks we received in the past and prepared some Q&A, hoping to answer your questions.

  Can steam lookah seahorse coil replace cigarettes?

  Yes, many users use steam lookah seahorse coil instead of cigarettes and smoke no more or very little. We want to smoke because our bodies need nicotine, and we choose to consume nicotine in a healthy way, eliminating unnecessary tar and carbon monoxide to achieve the same effect as smoking.

  It is often said that evaporation, lookah seahorse coil, has no effect on the user's smoking status and may even hinder quitting. However, in 2017 alone, at least three studies supported vaporization as a viable way to reduce or quit smoking.

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  The study used U.S. census data to show that smoking helps more smokers try to quit, and smokers quit more often. "The use of lookah seahorse coil is not only associated with higher rates of smoking cessation among individuals, but also with population levels; To increase the total number of people who quit,"

  Are there dangerous levels of formaldehyde?

  Most notable was a replication study from 2017 that detailed how the original researchers used smoking machines to create "dry puffs" that were so unpleasant that no vacuum cleaner would inhale them repeatedly.

  "In fact, this lookah seahorse coil detection and excessive cook food is not much difference, that turned out to be inedible charcoal, then assume that consumers will eat it in their daily lives and contact carcinogenic compounds, the resulting" and studies have shown that "lookah seahorse coil is smaller than smoking harm, the omissions may result in misleading smokers, unnecessarily to switch they think lookah seahorse coil is no good."

  I've never used lookah seahorse coil before? Will it suit me?

  We spent two years to carefully select the smoke oil, according to the user's smoking age to divide the concentration of different smoke and taste, the following is the proportion of the purchase data, I believe there is always one for you.

  [about taste]

  · 53% users like peppermint tobacco (similar to marlboro and aixi, suitable for friends who like peppermint peppermint)

  ·25% users like classic tobacco (standard Chinese flue-cured tobacco flavor, similar to the sight door)

  · 12% users like mellow tobacco (usually like smoking Chinese and lotus king, suitable for friends who like thick Chinese flue-cured tobacco)

  · 10% users like baked tobacco (similar to American tobacco in taste, with a little sweet in the front and a strong tobacco aroma in the back)

  [about concentration]

  5% : heavy smoke, strong throat, more suitable for old smokers.

  3% : light smoke, moderate throat feel, suitable for new smokers, light taste demand users.

  What is a nicotine salt? Harmful?

  Nicotine can react with most inorganic acids and organic acids to form salt (binding nicotine), which is known as nicotine salt. It can reduce the stimulation of nicotine oil to users' senses when inhaled, improve the taste of nicotine oil, and increase the smoothness and delicacy of inhaling tobacco oil. This report provides an update on the reduction of the hazards of tobacco smoking, including all non-tobacco nicotine products, in particular e-cigarettes. It shows that, despite all the potential risks, there is great potential for harm reduction to prevent death and disability from smoking and to accelerate our progress towards a tobacco-free society. Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death and disability, as well as social inequalities in health in the UK.

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  Providing smokers with the nicotine they are addicted to, without the harmful ingredients of tobacco smoke, can prevent most of the harm caused by smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is one of the most effective ways to help people stop smoking, with the input and support of health professionals, but less when it comes to its own use. Lookah seahorse coil is marketed as a consumer product and has proven to be more popular than NRT as an alternative to and competitor to tobacco cigarettes. When smokers use the lookah seahorse coil, the lookah seahorse coil seems to be effective. Help to quit smoking.

  The lookah seahorse coil does not currently meet drug standards and may be more dangerous than NRT. However, long-term inhalation of the seahorse coil is unlikely to be more harmful to health than e-cigarettes are today. The long-term harm of lookah seahorse coil can be reduced with the development of technology and the improvement of production standard. The worry is that the lookah seahorse coil will increase tobacco use by changing smoking behaviour, acting as a gateway to smoking for young people, and being used for temporary, rather than permanent, smoking bans. However, the evidence available to date suggests that the lookah seahorse coil is almost exclusively used as a safe alternative to smoking, with proven smokers attempting to reduce the harm to themselves or others or to quit altogether. Regulations are necessary to reduce the direct and indirect adverse effects of lookah seahorse coil use, but this regulation should not be allowed to significantly inhibit the development of smokers and the use of harm-reducing products. However, for the sake of public health, it is important to promote the use of e-cigarettes, new tobacco and other non-tobacco nicotine products. Replace smoking as widely as possible in the UK. If you want to find evidence that evaporation is safe or a serious health hazard, it doesn't exist. There is no "vaporized gun" study that solves all the problems. But hopefully the science presented here will get you thinking about something, and maybe it will further stimulate your curiosity and encourage you to do more research on your own.