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Lookah e-commerce new led glass bong review

  Recent Lookah e-commerce sites led glass bong new shelves CONG heating combustion led glass bong, as a new type of led glass bong, for small make up this kind of smokers, it for my position belongs to "tobacco substitutes", in addition to the health to smoke, the key also is smoked like smoke, enough, with satisfaction, if we can successfully quit smoking, that is perfect. Today, we will evaluate the taste, appearance and usage of this non-burning led glass bong.

  For smokers, good heating without burning led glass bong is the first taste. Taste is the basic premise for smokers to accept the heating and non-burning products. Only when the taste makes consumers satisfied can they have the desire to use it. According to the project team of dingzhi group, CONG led glass bong spent more than three months just debugging the taste, and almost adjusted the temperature at every time node to ensure the best taste in the temperature controlled region.

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  CONG led glass bong's operation is also very careful. It is through the new heating non-combustion technology, through the high temperature generated by electric heating tobacco tobacco nicotine precipitation to complete the suction, so that users experience a product. Led glass bong new technology, less tar, less nicotine, no need to open fire lit, no harm of second-hand smoke, compared to smoking traditional cigarettes harmful ingredients reduced by 95%.

  From the experience of smoking, the taste is close to the throat of the real smoke, and the mouth will not be hot. There is only a small amount of smoke to exhale, and it will disappear quickly, without a pungent smell or the disgust of those around it. The most important is that the smoke released by heating does not contain carbon monoxide, tar and other harmful substances, the harm to smokers themselves is minimal, there is no second-hand smoke and environmental hazards.

  In terms of charging, it is also very easy to operate. CONG led glass bong is equipped with type-c charging port. We only need to insert the charging cable into the cigarette case, and the indicator light will light up and gradually light up from bottom to top, indicating that the cigarette case is being charged. The pack's battery has a capacity of 2500mAh and can be fully charged in about two hours. Once the stick is inserted into the pack, the pack will automatically charge the stick and it can be fully charged in about three minutes.

  Speaking of cleaning, this CONG led glass bong is also very convenient. You just need to dip a cotton swab into the low-concentration alcohol to gently wipe the heating bin and let it dry. However, it must be noted that the technique must be light to avoid damaging the heating plate. CONG led glass bong adopts solutions from top suppliers in the industry and USES top materials to build led glass bong. In particular, the heating sheet, also through a special glaze treatment, the thicker material is not easy to break, but also easier to clean.

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  Metal sand blasting process feel is a very pleasant surprise, metallic simple sense to CONG led glass bong "pretend bility of ascension is also very obvious, sand blasting process and at the same time to eliminate the grip will leave fingerprints, CONG led glass bong the appearance of the process, from product experience, is a very important one annulus, good grip and weight control, can make smokers have direct positive feelings, the appearance of bright eye can also increase the smoker's appearance level.

  For CONG, this heating and non-burning led glass bong is indeed a lot of highlights, from the technical point of view, it is not too much innovation, but as an led glass bong industry has done very well! By heating the smoke, the fragrance can be separated to achieve the degree of addiction, taste close to the real smoke, so this heating does not burn electronic eye also attracted my eyeball! Like taste friends might as well try it!