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Parents Complain with Tears: water pipe china Seriously Harms Teenagers' Physical and Mental Health

  In 2016, i have never heard of water header vent pipe. One day, I received a parcel addressed to my 16-year-old son. When I opened it, I saw a device in the box. I don't know what it is used for, so I want to ask my son what the equipment is used for after school.

  This is exactly what I ordered online. Can you give it to me? "My son answered my question coldly. After I kept asking him about the use of the equipment, he told me that it was a fruit juice product with a special fruit flavor and made sure it was absolutely safe. However, I know that water heater vent pipe is illegal for people under the age of 18, so I did not give it to him.

  He was angry and advised me to give it to him. He thinks the "drink" is "safe" and uses nicotine-free juice, so it is not addictive. In order to convince me, he told me that he only liked the taste of fruit and was not addicted to water heater vent pipe. But the real reason why my son smokes water heater vent pipe is that his friends have posted some tips on social media, such as cigarette rings. In the end, I still didn't compromise, he said, even if I didn't give him, he would continue to use his friend's water heater vent pipe.

  No matter what he said, I don't agree. I decided to keep this water header vent pipe until he was 18 years old. Through my research on water header vent pipe, I found that this so-called fruit water header vent pipe contains many chemicals that people (including my son) do not know.

  Waterheader ventpipe is now very popular among teenagers like my son, but the future of these water header vent pipe companies is in the hands of the U.S. district court. In October this year, the mother of an 18-year-old boy filed an unfair death lawsuit against Yoel, accusing her son of dying after three years of addiction to water heater vent pipe.

  Although I usually think litigation is the last resort, as the mother of two teenagers addicted to tobacco, I think legislators and courts need to step up efforts to solve the problem of the prevalence of water heater vent pipe among teenagers.

  My father and I have always hated tobacco companies. For decades, tobacco companies have been "deceiving" them under the banner that cigarettes will not harm our health. We are angry about our son's addiction to waterheader vent pipe, because waterheader vent pipe is essentially no different from cigarettes. I told my son that his grandfather was in poor health recently due to decades of smoking habits. I told my son.

  One day, some chemicals in these fruity water heater vent pipe will become the main culprit of smokers' physical problems.

  He didn't care what I said. He repeatedly asked me to return the water header pipe to him and rummaged in my room, but he couldn't find his water header pipe. After many failures, he realized that this time I would not let him smoke the waterheader pipe easily.


  I thought he would forget about it, but I was wrong. Finally, this kind of "big search" took place five times in my house. Later, my son continued to use our address to buy water header vent pipe, and I confiscated everything. For a 16-year-old, ordering these waterheader vent pipe devices online is easy, even if it is illegal. Waterhead ventpipe does not seem to attach importance to the age limit for buying this product.

  But there is more bad news. When my son was in grade one, I began to read all kinds of information about mysterious lung diseases and their deaths, which were only related to smoking victims. I slowly realized that my initial intuition was correct: we knew little about the chemicals contained in the water header vent pipe and their effects on health, especially when the fruit-flavored water header vent pipe consumed more than cigarettes. The spread of this disease is very terrible. My son said in his sophomore year that many of his friends no longer want to smoke water well pipe. College students attach great importance to pulmonary infection. However, like many lifelong smokers, it is not easy to get rid of nicotine.