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Two chinese personnel operating water pipe china are charged.

  According to surging news, aura water pipe, on November 13, the Shanghai Chongming Court held a public hearing to hear the first water pipe china crime case accepted by the court and handed down a judgment in court. On November 15, the reporter learned from Chongming court that the court sentenced the defendants Jiang mou and Jiang mou to 7 months' imprisonment, 4 months' detention, suspended sentence of 10,000 yuan and a fine of 5,000 yuan respectively for the crime of illegal business operation. After sentencing, the two defendants said in court that they would not appeal.

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  According to the Chongming court, since 2018, the defendant Jiang mou has illegally sold water pipe china for profit without obtaining a tobacco monopoly license. In the process, the defendant Jiang mou packed water pipe china and sent it to express delivery according to the request of the defendant Jiang mou. On October 16, 2018, the public security organ seized 374 brand smoke bombs and one car used by the defendant for community sales in Shanghai. According to the appraisal, the above smoke bombs are worth 64743.14 yuan.

  It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of this month, the official website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued a "Notice on Further Protecting Minors from water pipe china". The notice said: To further protect minors from water pipe china, enterprises or individuals engaged in water pipe china urged water pipe china to shut down the Internet sales website or water pipe china customers in time for production and sales. Urge the e-commerce platform to close the water pipe china specialty store in time and remove water pipe china products from the shelves in time; Urge water pipe china production and sales enterprises or individuals to withdraw water pipe bong advertisements published through the internet.