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The philippines has taken control of glass pipes and will no longer ban glass pipes seriously!


  After the Philippines' serious misunderstanding of glass pipes last year, a rational view finally emerged on February 28 this year. Last year, when lung injury occurred in the Philippines, people mistakenly thought it was caused by glass pipes. "The government's attitude towards glass pipes is so strict that it has reached the level of the president. Last year, on November 19, local time, Philippine president Duterte delivered a very stern speech to glass pipes, saying that the use and import of glass pipes would be banned and anyone arrested for using lookah glass pipes would be arrested. I want to ban it, including its use and import. Do you know why? Because it is toxic, the government has the right to take measures to protect public health and public interests, "Duterte said. "

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  Just hours after Philippine President Duterte announced a ban on the use of glass pipes, Philippine police ordered the arrest of those using glass pipes in public on November 20, 2019. After the storm, the new year 2020 is finally beginning to bring good news! On February 28, 2020, the Philippine Presidential Office issued an executive order signed by President Duterte, amending the national ban on smoking promulgated in 2017 and bringing glass pipes under control.

  "Although electronic cigarettes are controlled, the executive order stipulates that enterprises involved in the manufacture or sale of electronic cigarettes can only operate after registration and license with the Philippine Food and Drug Administration, and enterprises must also comply with the relevant standards set by the Philippine government in the course of operation." This trip marks the beginning of the standardization development of Philippine water pipes for sale! The Philippine government's handling of glass pipes is no longer simple, rude and one-size-fits-all! Philippine government no longer bans the use and import of glass pipes! Of course, it cannot be pure and good, and there must be restrictions on glass pipes. According to this administrative order, the minimum age for anyone legally purchasing, owning or using various jet water pipes products, including glass pipes, in the Philippines is 21 years old. Except for designated smoking areas, glass pipes (similar to cities in northern China, upper and lower levels, Hangzhou and other cities) are prohibited from being used in public places. The new regulations will come into effect 15 days after publication.

  The US State Department's International Information Bureau (IIP) reported from Washington that the House of Representatives voted Friday to ban the sale of spices and glass pipes liquids in response to young people's smoking and smoking problems, despite concerns from civil rights advocates and some African-American Democrats that the bill unfairly targets blacks. The bill aims to curb what public health experts believe is the prevalence of smoking among teenagers by banning the online sale of glass pipes and liquid spices such as mint, mango, cotton candy and bubble gum. But it also bans the taste of ordinary cigarettes, including menthol, which is very popular among African Americans, raising concerns that the ban may lead to excessive policing in black communities.

  Speaking after the vote, House Speaker nancy pelosi admitted: "These issues are reasonable. . But she said the measure was necessary to prevent the jet water pipes industry from targeting the new generation, adding that the measure was passed because lawmakers were overriding "the well-being of children and ways to get rid of drug addiction." The bill goes further than some bans announced by President Trump last month, which will ban the sale of most flavors of glass pipes, but exclude mint and other jet water pipes flavors. Its fate is unclear in the Senate, and Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader in Kentucky, the producer state of jet water pipes, has no indication that he will vote.