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New Zealand: How to Explain the New glass pipes Act?

  The New Zealand Parliament announced a long-awaited bill to control electronic cigarettes, followed by a brief analysis. How effective is this bill? The bill was described by Deputy Health Minister Jeanne Serra (played by Jeanne Ceresa) as "the most significant change in New Zealand's anti-smoking law since it came into effect 30 years ago". It will prohibit the sale of atomized smokeless jet water pipes to anyone under 20 years old and prohibit the sale of vaporized products and smokeless jet water pipes to anyone under 20 years old. Electronic liquid spices will be limited to jet water pipes, mint and mint in non-professional stores such as dairy products and service stations.

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  What about other condiments? Last year, the government suggested a total ban on other condiments. But the new law will allow other flavors to be sold at "recognized professional steam retailers." "Why do you want to limit it? When it comes to getting people to quit smoking, isn't glass pipes a good thing? Glass pipes and steam pens were originally used as harmful substitutes for quitting smoking, but the harm is still small (please pay special attention to the word "less"). The government's move is a response to the increasing number of people using lookah glass pipes, who have never smoked before and are therefore addicted to nicotine, which is found in most electronic fluids. " Waping has become a special trend in high school, such as brands like Youer turning steam pens into daily necessities. "Wapping may be seen as nicotine addiction: the next generation.

  Can I still show off my thick dark clouds and pranks? If necessary, but you can't do it in a smoke-free place. "You can only smoke where you can smoke standard cigarettes. Some people worry that those who try to quit smoking will find themselves exposed to a lot of cigarette smoke. Will this make it harder for people to quit smoking? The government said the purpose of the legislation is to prevent potential new users from using glass pipes and has little impact on those who need glass pipes. Part of the reason will be to ensure that glass pipes are still more readily available than regular cigarettes and that young people still have no access to these cigarettes.

  Let's review: Are children really addicted to nicotine? The Ministry of Health found that about a quarter of teenagers aged 15 to 17 have tried smoking at least once, of which about 52,000 people, 3,000 of whom smoke every day. "Since they promised to solve this problem in 2018, teachers and principals have been demanding government action. They initially announced that they would ban products that appeal to children. This is also an international problem. Just last month, the United States announced that it would ban the use of condiments in Juul equipment because they are very attractive to children.

  What is Juul? Juul is basically the apple of the eye of glass pipes. They have turned glass pipes into a fashion technology. They are the most widely used soda brands in the United States (and perhaps in other parts of the world) and are very popular with teenagers. " Juul promotes cartons such as mangoes and butter, which are still available in New Zealand even though they have been discontinued in the United States. "Is it dangerous to smoke? This is not as dangerous as smoking. Waping has eliminated trace chemicals from cigarettes, but still contains many harmful elements. " It is well known that some water pipes for sale contain a small amount of formaldehyde and trace metals in the equipment itself. Not to mention inhaling substances other than air, it is not good for you. Continuous use can lead to lung injury and even cancer, just like smoking. "It is worth remembering that glass pipes exist to help people quit smoking. They are not harmless, they are just much better than standard cigarettes.

  Does the Committee support it? The National Bank Of America complained about the slow progress of the bill and was keen to support it. "If recent events have any guiding significance, the most unpredictable will be New Zealand. What effect will it have? Ceresa is pushing for this bill, which is a key step towards achieving the 2025 smoke-free target. It imposed stricter safety regulations on glass pipes products and allowed the Ministry of Health to issue warnings and suspend potentially dangerous products. However, when the committee process passes, its viability will be tested. The next test will be whether there is a balance between encouraging people to quit smoking and restricting the recruitment of new smokers.

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