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The rise of the glass pipes industry has deprived the jet water pipes industry of investor confidenc


  In the U.S. market, this typical shift is Yoel's increasing success. This kind of cigarette containing nicotine salt is now very popular in retail networks. At the same time, the large jet water pipes company has no alternative to yoel. The widespread sale of shares in jet water pipes shows that the large jet water pipes company has difficulties in updating. Investors do not believe these companies can make the transition to glass pipes. Smokers are also gradually looking for products that are less harmful to health and turning to the new glass pipes manufacturer.

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  Since April, the market price of the jet water pipes giant has been falling across the board. The reason is that a report by Citigroup reminds investors. According to the analysis of the report, the jet water pipes industry is bound to reduce its market share in the face of the rise of the glass pipes industry.

  This is a confidential report for the public, and the early media hardly disseminated it. However, Citi's analysis had an important impact on Wall Street. Since its launch, investors have started to sell large-scale shares in its large jet water pipes company.

  Three months later, the current situation confirms this trend, which is exactly the same as jet water pipes' poor performance in the first quarter, when sales of large companies fell by nearly 6%. So far, the shares of lookah glass for sale Group have been regarded as safe stocks and have now become a source of distrust among investors.

  In the US market, this typical shift is Juul's increasing success. Cigarettes containing nicotine salts are now very popular in retail networks. At the same time, large jet water pipes has no alternative to Juul.

  The widespread sale of shares in jet water pipes shows that large jet water pipes have difficulties in updating. Investors don't believe these companies can transform into glass pipes. Smokers are also gradually looking for less harmful products and turning to the new glass pipes manufacturer.

  It seems that nothing can stop the currently observed decline in jet water pipes consumption. We will continue to wait and see if the share price of Big jet water pipes will continue to decline until the end of this year. Glass pipes does not produce or slightly produce carcinogens and harmful substances, such as tar, carbon monoxide, cyanide, ammonia and radioactive compounds, and reduces lung exposure to these substances. lookah glass bongs contain more than 100 known carcinogens and smoke contains many unknown harmful substances.

  Soot is always annoying. Smokers must have had the experience of soiling clothes. After smoking at home, the furniture will be covered with a thin layer of soot.

  Smoking will leave a heavy smell on hands and body, especially breathing will be very bad, sometimes two "one big" can't solve the problem, what's more, non-smokers will be quite sensitive to this smell, after smoking in the smoking area, the smell of the body will also make people in the office dislike. The smell of glass pipes is still very good and it is not easy to stay in my hands. I once smoked glass pipes next to two female colleagues. They thought the smell was very sweet and acceptable.

  Unlike cigarettes, cigars or tin cans, glass pipes will not be burned with open flames, nor will they be discarded like cigarette butts, which will cause great fire hazards. The glass pipes heating ring is also sealed, which means that the heat generated by glass pipes is difficult to spread to the outside. "Since glass pipes was launched, there has never been any report of cigarette butts causing fires. Think about how many fires are caused by cigarette butts every year. Smoking cessation is indeed a difficult project. glass pipes provides a method to gradually reduce the nicotine content in water pipes online oil, which can clearly control the nicotine content (unless illegal manufacturers do not add nicotine according to the proportion of product labels, regardless of the interests of consumers). " The supply range of E- cigarette oil is from mg to 24 mg, 3mg and 6mg lower and 18 mg and 24 mg higher, similar to cigarettes. "People who want to quit smoking can gradually reduce nicotine content. Does nicotine replacement therapy, which is more effective in quitting smoking, have the same way of thinking?

  As the "second hand smoke" of glass pipes has little impact on other people, some public places still allow smoking of glass pipes. More smokeless factories like Foxconn worry about the safety of cigarettes. Smoking is forbidden in the whole region. If you want to smoke, you can spend half an hour outside the factory instead of glass pipes. The whole problem can be solved well.

  Cigarette butts use compounds that are difficult to degrade. Many cigarette butts are thrown into streets, sewers and rivers at will. Cigarette butts cause great environmental problems. In scenic spots, we often see cigarette butts. We all know what kind of mood it is. Glass pipes will not only produce cigarette butts but also harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. For the environment, smoking glass pipes is a relatively responsible choice.