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Why does the new coronavirus expose the vulnerability of glass pipes


  Since almost all glass pipes hardware comes from China, the coronavirus epidemic highlights how fragile the supply chain of the industry's enterprises is. Industry analysts estimate that 90% of all components that make up carburetors are produced in factories in Shenzhen, China, while the remaining 5% and 10% of the supply may come from domestic sources. U.S. manufacturers lack the ability to serve the glass pipes market.

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  Therefore, when the coronavirus outbreak finally caused the factory to stop producing roor water pipe hardware, glass pipes had no choice but to wait for the factory to resume operation. "Today, some factories have resumed operations, partially easing concerns about supply chain disruptions, but they are not fully operational. One reason for the lack of capacity in Chinese factories is that many Chinese factory workers are still reluctant to return to work due to fear of contracting the virus. " Other workers found themselves isolated. Arnold Dumas De Laurie, founder and chief executive of Blinc Group, a new york-based glass pipes hardware manufacturer, said: "We will consider postponing the supply of raw materials for a few weeks." Delays are expected in the production of packaging, plastics, mining and planting equipment, not just hardware.

  For many years, Big jet water pipes has been lying about the adverse health effects of its products. We know. Some companies have proved this through multi-billion dollar settlements. The same is true of some people in the pharmaceutical industry, who know that even if they make huge profits from opioid analgesics, they still underestimate the potential of addiction. What about lookah seahorse coil? They soon became popular, partly because some smokers thought it was a way to quit smoking. At the same time, tens of thousands of young people (yes, millions) believe that glass pipes is a safe substitute for smoking. Many students of high school age are using "electronic cigarettes". Dozens of different flavors of products are very helpful.

  Glass pipes executives insist that they have no intention of infatuating their children with nicotine. "They pointed out that the purpose of advertising is to warn minors of the danger of ingesting nicotine in any form. Many companies, including industry leader Juul, have stopped selling pods of electronic cigarettes. Of course, this may be self-defense. Some states prohibit the addition of sweet pods. The Food and Drug Administration also has. However, there is evidence that some glass pipes companies are very active in marketing their products to government officials, including the State Attorney General. In some cases, these companies have also contributed to political campaigns for government friends.

  It may be time to investigate the extent to which enterprises know their products. If glass pipes executives realize that some of their profits come from cheated children, they think "smoking" is safe and they are responsible for the company. Why is it so suspicious? This is called experience.