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How to Judge the Nature of glass pipes


  Some of the large manufacturers contacted said that the smoke was very firm. From the very beginning, they have insisted on self-production and self-marketing as their brands, not OEM. Today, annual sales in the United States can reach 3 billion yuan. Avex's products are mainly dense smoke products, and small water pipes for sale that are constantly being iterated are also playboy-level markets. Because it has been sticking to this brand positioning for a long time, it seems to be valuable in the gold markets everywhere. A colleague said: "Contract workers have a great chance to take orders from foreign water well pipe line companies casually, and the number may increase rapidly, but they will not." Once you become an OEM, create a brand. It is very difficult to concentrate on strategy and resource allocation, which will lead to the failure of both sides. We admire them very much. "

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  Connor, a former boss of the tobacco industry, began to decline in 2015. First, because of product quality problems; Second, it incorrectly predicted the timing of FDA's release and implementation, so it chose to withdraw from the U.S. market and had no chance to do so. At the same time, Avex's Smok has chosen to catch up with key nodes and become the chief brand in 2015. Behind the surging number of Chinese brands, the test is the patience, strategy, decision-making and market insight of different enterprises. September 1st. 9. Juul, worth 38 billion US dollars, has entered China. Juul is ahead of most domestic companies in terms of products, handicrafts, marketing and channels, which will force domestic companies to grow.

  Products are always the most critical. When Jules entered China, he could solve the problems of taste, nicotine content and even Sino-foreign joint ventures through localization. However, once fake goods enter the market, they will have a negative impact on the brand, and consumers may mistakenly think that the products are not good. The original intention of glass grain is to appear as a product to reduce damage. If it is not "named correctly", there will be disputes for a long time. Industry insiders generally believe that the only risk is policy risk. Whether it is a brand transformation enterprise or a water pipes online transformation enterprise, in a competitive environment, jointly protect the industry, cultivate the market, standardize management, minimize the possibility of non-smokers and minors contacting the faucet, reverse the stereotype of the public, or become the ultimate beneficiaries of the industry.

  Qiu Yiwu is planning to create a new category. He hopes that his new product belongs to a new counter-cyclical consumer industry, and the price is not expensive. He can take advantage of the transformation and upgrading of the Internet and manufacturing industry. He thinks Glasspirps is such a track. Compared with the newcomers, Zhou Jie revealed that his team, which started its business in the United States in 2010, has undergone two generations of glasses replacement, and now this wave of glasses is the third generation in a broad sense. Zhou Jie said that it is generally believed that the first sprayer was invented in 2003 in Li Han, China, and became popular in  the next few years. However, as CCTV criticized the smoking cessation effect, the first generation of glasses promoted by CCTV dropped rapidly in 2009. However, the problem with the first generation of glasses is that there is no way to provide enough nicotine to relieve smoking addiction.

  The second generation of glass mainly refers to a large amount of glass (sometimes called "big smoke"), which provides more nicotine, but many parts need DIY, learning at high cost, and to some extent become subculture products in a circle. "An important node of the third-generation essence, currently popular cigarette, is the breakthrough in nicotine salt synthesis in the past two years." Driven by new electronic manufacturing technology, the third generation glasses are becoming as popular as electronic products. "There are two types of small smoke: heating non-combustion (IQOS) and smoke oil." IQOS uses heating instead of traditional well pipe combustion, but since these products also involve lookah snail, it has been incorporated into the monopoly supervision of well pipes at the legal level. Smoke oil sprayer uses sprayer to atomize nicotine salt and other mixtures into steam, which is not a well product, so it happens to be a gap, which is also the hot spot of the latest wave of entrepreneurship.