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Coronavirus May Cause Australia's glass pipes Supply to Deplete in Next Weeks


  About 90% of the global evaporation hardware is produced in Shenzhen. With Chinese factories hit by coronavirus, Australia's inventory of replaceable coils and pods is rapidly declining. Retailers and distributors told Huck that they had shortened the delivery time of some products to the past few weeks, while others had run out. I can't buy stocks, "said JayKaranouh of VAPE, a major Sydney retailer." Some products copper water pipe have been sold out.This is what the dealer said. ChrisMonchgesang, chief operating officer of VAPTrader, a major trader, said the supply of high-volume stocks should last for a month, but the Shenzhen VAPE factory might not resume delivery until six weeks later.

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  For us, this is not the happiest time to put pressure on more popular equipment, "he said. In many parts of China, enterprises originally planned to resume work on February 10 after the 15-day holiday of the lunar new year. But the coronavirus outbreak means that some factories must adjust their plans and try to keep pace. Since the holidays, the local government has blockaded villages and imposed a 14-day quarantine on anyone traveling, which means many of China's 300 million migrant workers cannot return to work. More importantly, it is reported that the recent tourists were lookah glass bongs turned away from the apartment.

  For six months, coronavirus has brought difficulties to Australia's vaporization industry. In September 2019, President Trump announced that he would consider banning all types of soda after the sixth death from a glass pipes-related illness in the United States. In January this year, the ban came into effect, excluding mint and water well pipes. Chris said the news in the United States is that Australia's economy is in serious decline. "the past six months have been the biggest challenge facing the industry," he said. Independent distributors and retailers have been working together to help each other under tight supply. In order to prevent one party from purchasing all the surplus stock of a product, they introduced a system of equal distribution of supply. I know many such people. "I visited them at their home," Chris said. "During this difficult period, we are trying to keep the industry, including the steam store. JayKaranouh of the Wap family told Hack that he expected the worst to happen. Veve also operates some stores and an online store in Australia and New Zealand.

  Many companies will start to close down, "he said." We only heard that the situation would get worse. "As a practicing lung doctor, I have seen the destructive and long-term effects of smoking. In 2007, lookah glass for sale and atomizing equipment were introduced into the US market. At first, some people said that these devices were designed to help responsible smokers quit smoking, but they were found to be worthless.

  In addition, these products are intended to be sold to young people, and now more and more young people are using these products. Many experts first suggest smokers to consider this option, one of the reasons is that glass pipes is safer than traditional cigarettes. FDA officials even expressed this view. Glass pipes is the gateway to water well pipes and marijuana. Compared with ordinary smokers, teenagers who smoke are three times more likely to continue smoking. Uncontrolled levels of nicotine in liquids are helping to create a new generation of nicotine addicts.

  All commercial electronic liquids are unaffected by nicotine and other compounds. The temperature at which the vacuum device heats the electronic liquid is not adjustable. Heating temperature can change the chemical composition of glass pipes to contain carcinogenic substances. Unfortunately, the horse ran out of the barn purring.

  Although restrictions on the sale of minors and condiments are being formulated, the mere use of the Internet has greatly reduced the effectiveness of these rules. My lung foundation has been working with local organizations and schools for some time to try to provide practical education for parents, teachers and students. At present, there is no plan to recognize young people and young smokers to help them quit smoking. He said: "I hope the Food and Drug Administration will be more cautious and insightful in the initial stage and will be more active in preventing these products from entering the market. Dr. GeorgeM.Zlupko is a senior partner and founder of Altoona lung specialist and founded the lung foundation in central pennsylvania.