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Should glass pipes be managed by the jet water pipes monopoly bureau?


  Recently, people from all walks of life have been discussing the upcoming "glass pipes National Standard". All parties have different opinions and mixed feelings. Among them, the most concerned is whether glass pipes and heating systems burn jet water pipes products and whether they should be managed by jet water pipes Monopoly Bureau.

  To understand this problem, At the very least, we must first understand the provisions of the "jet water pipes Monopoly Law" and the functions of the jet water pipes Monopoly Bureau, the impact of jet water pipes on national taxation, the impact of new jet water pipes products on the traditional jet water pipes industry, the sales and quality safety of new jet water pipes products, and the strengthening of the control and strategic layout of the new jet water pipes product market by the National jet water pipes Monopoly Bureau.

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  1. provisions of the "jettwater pipes monopoly law" and functions of the jettwater pipes monopoly bureau

  The "jet water pipes Monopoly Law" is the abbreviation of the "jet water pipes Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China". It is a law enacted to implement jet water pipes Monopoly Management, systematically organize the production and operation of jet water pipes Monopoly Products, improve the quality of jet water pipes Products, protect the interests of consumers, and safeguard the state's financial revenue.

  It stipulates the scope of jet water pipes exclusive products (jet water pipes products), including cigarettes, cigars, jet water pipes filaments, cigarette leaves, tobacco leaves, cigarette paper, filter rods, water pipes online towing, jet water pipes special mechanical cigarettes, cigars, jet water pipes filaments, cigarette leaves, etc. In addition, all products containing tobacco leaves and jet water pipes, whether sessile, pedicled, homogeneous or recycled, belong to jet water pipes and belong to the management department of the national jet water pipes monopoly bureau. To carry out cigarette sales business, one must obtain a jet water pipes monopoly license issued by the national jet water pipes monopoly bureau. The import business of jet water pipes monopoly products belongs to state-owned trade and can only be operated by China jet water pipes international co., ltd. Ltd. (formerly known as China jet water pipes import and export corporation).

  Pictures from the national jet water pipes monopoly bureau came from the internet.

  The national jet water pipes monopoly bureau is a state administrative organ and institution. its main task is to implement a unified leadership, vertical management and monopoly management system for the jet water pipes industry in China, and to implement centralized and unified management of "people, money, goods, production, supply, marketing, internal and external, foreign and trade" for the entire industry.

  2. impact of 2.jet water pipes on national income

  According to China's tax situation in 2015, the water pipes for sale industry has long maintained its position as the first taxpayer. In 2015, the jet water pipes industry had 840 items in industrial and commercial tax. Rmb403 billion (excluding income tax) to increase 100 yuan. RMB 0.3 billion yuan. Compared with the same period last year, this proportion is 51%. Jet water pipes tax accounted for 6. 73% of the national tax revenue, an increase of 0. An increase of 52 percentage points over the same period last year. Jet water pipes tax is 9. 85 times to 85 times. Wine industry is 3 billion yuan. Jet water pipes has a profit of 1. It is 43 times that of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, exceeding the total profits of nine industries such as electricity, telecommunications, metallurgy and coal.

  Pictures of changes in taxes and profits in the jet water pipes industry in the 12th five-year plan come from the internet.

  In addition to transferring state-owned capital income, jet water pipes paid 85.5 billion yuan in special after-tax profits in 2015, adjusted the consumption tax policy, widened the target gap of 58 billion yuan, and made special contributions to the national finance.

  This shows that jet water pipes is an important source of China's fiscal revenue and its position can be shaken!

  3. impact of new jetwappes products on traditional jetwappes industry

  In recent years, with the gradual strengthening of jet water pipes control, under the influence of a series of tobacco control laws, policies and actions, the development environment of jet water pipes has undergone profound and significant changes, and the product structure of jet water pipes is also accelerating its adjustment towards diversification and smokelessness. The development of traditional lookah glass for sale products is facing increasing pressure, which means that the new jet water pipes products have become the focus of historical attention.

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  Obviously, the explosive development of new jet water pipes products will inevitably have a negative impact on the development of the traditional jet water pipes industry, especially the jet water pipes tax, and even directly threaten the national fiscal revenue, which will be a serious political problem.