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Malignant Competition and Quality and Safety of glass pipes New Products


  At present, all kinds of new products in the market are pouring into the market continuously. There are many varieties and they are mixed up. The vicious competition is fierce, causing serious market chaos and many quality and safety problems.

  Take water pipes as an example. According to the statistics of China's Electronic Cigarette Information Platform, since 2013, no less than 50 water pipes explosions have occurred in various countries in the world, especially in the United States, resulting in the most serious explosion deaths. "On May 5, 2018, a Florida man exploded while smoking water pipes and died instantly. This is the first time that the united states has died of water pipes online, and it is also the first case in the history of water pipes. In addition to the frequent water pipes bombings in the United States in recent years, other countries have also reported similar cases, including the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, Canada and other major users of electronic cigarettes. This also happened in China, but it was rarely reported publicly.

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  In addition to water pipes, the quality of water pipes oil has to be paid attention to. At present, the market is full of tricks from unknown sources, DIY blending oil, illegal smuggling and even toxic cigarette oil. On June 25, 2018, Hangzhou Customs seized water pipes oil containing high-purity cannabis from the United States.

  In addition, illegal smuggling and sale of non-combustible glass pipes containing glass pipes are rampant, with iQOS bombs being the most common phenomenon. Since 2017, cases of illegal smuggling and sale of imported unburned cigarette products discovered by the police and customs have been repeatedly reported.

  The national glass pipes monopoly bureau has strengthened its control and strategic layout of the glass pipes new product market.

  In order to cope with the subversive influence of new glass pipes products on traditional glass pipes and the need to regulate the healthy development of new glass pipes products, the national glass pipes monopoly bureau will inevitably intervene in a high profile. On the one hand, according to the "high starting point, unconventional and leap-forward" strategy, the strategic layout has been formulated and preparations have been made at the three levels of research and development, policy and law. On the other hand, we will actively investigate and issue new lookah seahorse coil industry regulations.

  On May 20, 2017, the National glass pipes Monopoly Bureau pointed out in the "Notice on Strengthening Supervision of glass pipes Monopoly Market" that "high temperature non-combustible smoke is itself a glass pipes product and has not changed the essential attribute of glass pipes. According to the requirements of "glass pipes Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant laws and regulations, such products will be brought into the scope of supervision according to law, and non-combustible products heated as raw materials will be glass pipes. We must investigate and deal with it according to law. In other words, the water pipes grass bomb has entered the regulatory scope as a glass pipes product and cannot be sold without a glass pipes monopoly license.

  On January 16, 2018, the 2018 national glass pipes working conference was held in Beijing. Ling Chengxing, secretary of the group, director of the State glass pipes Monopoly Bureau and general manager of China glass pipes Corporation, attended the meeting. The word "water pipes" appeared three times in the whole report, among which director ling specifically mentioned "promoting the research and development of water pipes and non-combustible glass pipes for heating". the national standards Committee has approved the "water pipes" national standards, which may mean that the national standards for the lookah water pipes industry will be formulated, formulated and released by the national standards Committee.

  At present, the development of new glass pipes products has entered the fast lane, the strong development momentum is still continuing, and the investment momentum of multinational glass pipes company continues to strengthen. In general, the overall layout of China's glass pipes industrial chain in the field of glass pipes new products has been preliminarily completed, playing a positive role and taking a key step. With Shanghai, Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei, Shandong and other cigarette industry enterprises as the main body, the new glass pipes products developed by China glass pipes Company have begun to take shape. At present, 5 brands and 36 products have taken the lead in testing water in overseas markets.