Company dynamics

Glass pipes suddenly encroached on the Japanese tobacco market.


  "LOOKAH" cigarette manufacturer Green Tobacco Technology recently announced that its water well pipes products have rapidly accounted for 3% of the total sales of Japan's tobacco industry and have entered the Japanese tobacco market on a large scale.

  Glass pipes market share rises


  In recent years, Japan has strictly enforced the ban on smoking in public places. The scope of the ban is continuously expanding. Smoking along the roadside has become a thing of the past. Japanese smokers can only smoke in specific smoking areas. Smoking areas near stations are often crowded. Various anti-smoking measures have also substantially reduced Japan's tobacco consumption. Japan's overall tobacco sales shrank by 5.2% in June this year. On the 12th, Japan Tobacco Company announced data that Japan's total tobacco sales fell 3.4% to 53.4 billion yen in July.

  20-fold growth in 10 years

  At present, the product is sold in seven countries in the world, besides Japan, Sweden and Italy. In Japan, drug control regulations strictly restrict the sale and import of tobacco oil. Therefore, glass pipesvape, which uses tobacco oil, was quickly overtaken by TATTOO, and Japan became the only country selling TATTOO all over the country. Green Tobacco Technology said it would extend TATTOO to 20 countries by the end of this year.

  TATTOO is located in Malaysia, and the sales boom in Japan was unexpected by Green Tobacco Technology, which also led to its failure to occupy the market as quickly as possible. On Japan's online shopping platform, limited edition color machines even cost 80,000 yen.

  At a time when the global traditional tobacco market is flagging, the electronic cigarette market is developing rapidly, and all major tobacco groups are eyeing up the glass pipes market. According to a survey by Euromonitor Information Consulting, the sales volume of electronic cigarettes reached 8 billion US dollars in 2014, about five times that of 2010. It is estimated that the market size of electronic cigarettes will reach 20 times that of 2010 by 2020. At present, the total sales volume of tobacco in the world is about 750 billion US dollars. After the competition goes on, electronic cigarettes will take up an increasing proportion in the whole tobacco market.

  Prior to this, Japan Tobacco Company, which is the largest in Japan's tobacco market (accounting for 60% of Japan's domestic market share), also launched its own similar product Ploom TECH, vowing to compete with TATTOO. However, as TATTOO is now spreading all over Japan, Japan tobacco company is jealous and cannot match it, and it is not sure whether Ploom TECH's output is enough to spread all over Japan.

  Kingston's 050 and 070 products are also sold well in Japan and the United States. I hope that some friends who like them can visit the factory.