UK: bat is promoting glass pipes despite an advertising ban


  British American tobacco appears to have opened an account to promote e-cigarettes, despite a local ban on e-cigarette advertising.

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  According to the eu tobacco products directive (TPD), article 22.12 of the UK CAP rules prohibits the promotion of unauthorised nicotine-containing glass bong online in newspapers, magazines, periodicals and online media.However, the rule allows the marketing staff to state the facts about the product on their own website, an exception that could in principle extend to social media activities.

  To this end, British American tobacco (bat), one of the manufacturers that banned advertising, argued that its promotion was an exception.However, the American tobacco association (ASA) points out that tobacco companies' use of celebrities on Instagram clearly goes beyond providing factual information and is basically a promotional campaign.

  The ASA considered whether Instagram posts could be distributed to users who didn't care about the account, and decided that other users could view the information using the tags and Instagram browsing options.

  It argues that this amounts to promoting content to consumers who do not necessarily choose to receive it.It wasn't until last summer that the company expanded rapidly and spent more to buy an expensive office building in San Francisco.Sales rose 516 per cent between 2017 and 2018, according to a recent financial disclosure by Bloomberg.In 2019, revenue exceeded $2 billion.But administrative lookah glass platinum costs nearly tripled to $1 from the same period last year, according to the document.With $3 billion, the company took a $69 million restructuring and other costs and a net loss of $1 billion.

  Last year, as concerns grew about Juul's popularity among young people, federal investigators targeted the company and its ties to tobacco giant altrig tobacco inc., which owns 35% of the company.

  Last month, antitrust regulators filed a lawsuit to cancel the deal.He also faces a series of product-liability lawsuits, as well as a series of lawsuits from state attorneys general and school districts.

  The company denies selling to minors.

  He will also move his headquarters from San Francisco to Washington, dc, in an effort to re-establish relations with regulators.

  "Taking these steps will put the yule laboratory on a sustainable path and ultimately enable us to invest and grow for the future," said crosthwaite.

  In fact, both Facebook and Instagram announced in December that they would no longer allow influencers to promote tobacco or e-cigarettes.

  Still, bat sells lookah dab rig and HNBS, with catchy model pictures and labels, as I dare to try.

  The tobacco company is said to operate its accounts by mimicking content previously posted by Internet celebrities.

  In addition, British and American tobacco companies are said to be using paid advertising and branded content on Facebook, although this is not allowed under the rules of social media platforms.The ads include some that were posted on the glo polish account in early march, many of them from the glo romanian page and placed on Instagram.

  Meanwhile, a spokesman for British American tobacco denied the marketing allegations against teenagers.

  'all of our marketing activities follow our international marketing principles,' says SimonClifly, head of corporate affairs at British American tobacco.These basic requirements are that any communication must be directed only to adult consumers, not to engage or engage young people.

  In many ways, social media gives us more control than traditional media like billboards and television, so make sure our communication is only for adult consumers, Clifley said.