The water pipes industry deserves a name


  Vanilla for the e-cigarette industry is like a hammer for the mobile phone industry.Is the enterprise's obvious "over-design capability".After all the hype, it seems vanilla isn't what it used to be.E-commerce and offline shipments were rated "too small" by peers.

  But now YOZ is in channel trouble, too, with its offline channel having been beaten by several of its peers.The online business is also sluggish.WeChat merchants seem to be their last reliable choice.

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  As early as three months ago, the authors predicted that "all lookah glass bongs brands in the WeChat business will only grow weaker."Sure enough, after several rounds of funding failed, yozi was revealed to be a co-founder, and the original "huang taiji founder he chang" pulled out in a dark way to build a new brand, lamy, which had gone through the first round of pre-sale without any trace and was confusing.

  However, in this emerging industry, both consumers and investors, the authors suggest we should take a more rational view of this "addiction carnival".

  Chinese share bikes, chain bikes and virtual reality.We seem to have forgotten a gene in Chinese flesh and blood.

  The "strategic losses" of, ruixing and didi, no matter what the final outcome, have caused "strategic fatigue" among the Chinese people over the "strategic losses".

  It's time for a break.The business is only responsible for making money.

  Who in the e-cigarette business is still making money from this book?No one seems willing to do that.

  Making money from lookah glass platinum is like going to a nightclub and bending over to recycle cans with a loud stereo.

  If this is a benign development, I don't know what a malignant development would look like.

  Yuechao is a rare enterprise that finds a balance between share and carnival.They cause trouble, but they're also good at doing big things, and each shot can shake up the industry and push everyone to a new goal.Its style is noble, even a little selfless.

  Some call it the "international model", which cannot be copied by "smart companies" because it encourages all employees to use Google's search process.It's a pride in the corporate DNA, which is called the "international model," not something that "smart companies" can inspire all employees to search using Google.

  If there's a second gun, I think it's a gun.The name may sound strange to the outside world, but it rings loud in circles.

  In 18 years, the company signed wu jing before the release of "Wolf man 2", bringing the first "star endorsement" to the e-cigarette industry.The first photo of the e-cigarette industry's "cash burn" really deserves to be called "firearm".

  So when yuechi was preparing for Tmall's flagship store, firearms were produced in more than 300 offline stores in three months, a figure that would have been unthinkable in 18 years.At the time, everyone lookah glass dab rig thought, "this family will grow up."Surprisingly, the quality of firearms was in serious trouble, even with the dividends from Wolf warrior 2, and the company was in decline.

  At a time when everyone thought firearms were bound to fail like other well-known brands of e-cigarettes.In the spring of nineteen, firefighters pulled their "big baby" ammo out of their pockets with a bad smile.Ammo should have his name on it and hit all practitioners in the heart like a bullet -- no one knows how bad it can be when the hungry offline channel hits a good product.

  Recruitment of 34 provincial dealers, 254 working hours.

  A month, a day

  In early 19, in the third month of the launch, a new record of "200,000 mainframe units sold per month and nearly 3 million cigarette bombs" was announced to the public.Nearly 1.5 million units have been sold, even though, as usual, the amount of water likely to be irrigated has been cut in half.

  After the product came into the market, the praise is obvious, the probability of oil leakage and leakage control is relatively good.The firearm also claimed to have "solved the problem of importing soot oil.

  The author put forward this conclusion in the WeChat group in the industry, and it has been recognized by more than ten dealers of different brands in four cities in mainland China.The quality of firearms has been greatly improved.It is admirable to drive so low and walk so high.

  The "sound" of guns is as cold as silencers, compared with the booming sales.It is hard to understand that there is little news of firearms in the community, and that it is, at best, the sheer number of guns produced in factories.

  In April, the whole company was watching the production in our factory, and a dozen employees even went to the production line in person.Each shipment leaves the factory and is delivered directly to the company.Li, the gun factory's sales director, said in an interview.

  No one knows what these people think, because they don't talk, they just charge.

  After yue ke, another old man went to the night court to get the bottle.