Italy calls for bio water pipes to stay open


  Italy has become the most affected country in the world after China.Since the first case of covid-19 in Lombardy, the outbreak has spread rapidly to other parts of the country.At the time of publication, Italy had nearly 28,000 confirmed cases and more than 2,100 deaths.Italy's national health care infrastructure is under enormous strain as a large number of patients require intensive care.

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  To contain the outbreak, the government has taken some of the world's toughest measures, banning all public gatherings, closing schools and ordering most businesses, including bars and restaurants, to close.At first, lookah dab rig shops were put on the list, but the ban has now been lifted.For this Italy has one person in particular to thank.

  I'm a little angry.The next day I gave some presentations.

  Dr. RiccardoPolosa (RiccardoPolosa) is a world-renowned scientist and researcher who works to reduce the risks of e-cigarettes and tobacco products.Dr. Porosa, founder of the center for excellence in accelerating risk reduction in catania, Italy, has published dozens of research papers on subtobacco.Recently, Dr. Borosa gave a special interview about the ban on tobacco use during the Italian epidemic and its impact on cigarette and e-cigarette users.

  HelenRedmond and Riccardo Polosa answer that question.

  On top of that, hundreds of thousands of people in Italy use e-cigarettes, but because of the stress of the coronavirus epidemic, they may be tempted to start again when they become addicted.From a public health point of view, I think it's very dangerous.I put this question to the government:

  Hundreds of thousands of glass pipes amazon users are in danger of rediscovering their cigarettes.

  I called the leading e-cigarette and e-cigarette oil producers' organization in Italy, which has a political relationship with the government.I raised these issues through the e-cigarette association and said it was unfair that smokers could not choose low-risk products.

  On top of that, hundreds of thousands of e-cigarette users could return to cigarettes.I think this is already a public health problem.In addition, many e-cigarette users with respiratory problems have improved their symptoms by using e-cigarettes.If we stop using e-cigarettes, the severity of these patients will increase.Overburdened beds in the current intensive care unit (ICU) can put a strain on the nation's health care system.

  E-cigarette users with respiratory illnesses have seen significant health improvements from using e-cigarettes, and their condition will worsen if they use cigarettes again.

  A: I don't think I have that much energy, but a lot of people want to listen to me because I try to be objective in this situation, so people still believe me.Of course, others have contributed to the process.Most importantly, the government has moved quickly to ensure e-cigarette shops are back in business soon.

  We have set an example to the world: while our government has been ambivalent about e-cigarette products, it has been quite active in responding to the coronavirus outbreak.The government attaches great importance to the needs of water pipes for sale users in Italy and is aware of the importance and relative safety of e-cigarette use.

  Q: in the United States, some people believe that if you use cigarettes or e-cigarettes, you are at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus.

  There's no evidence for that, it's just speculation.

  Q: your research shows that switching to e-cigarettes improves the health of traditional smokers.

  One of the problems with research on tobacco harm reduction is that it is difficult to show a reduction in risk over a reasonable time frame, and the effects can take decades to show up.However, if you look at patients who already smoke, especially those in the early stages, they are more likely to improve their health by switching to low-risk products.

  For example, for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), we found that their respiratory system improved both subjectively and objectively when they used e-cigarettes.We call it a dangerous reversal, not a reduction in risk, because they already have the disease, so the risk is not reduced.But their risk of cardiovascular disease or other diseases, such as cancer from cigarettes, may be reduced.