The rapid development of water pipe industry


  According to IT orange statistics, as of June 5, 2019, at least 14 e-cigarette enterprises in China had obtained financing, with a total financing amount of more than 574 million yuan.

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  Challenges on the road to development

  In such a huge market, can jet water pipes really stop smoking?Experiments have shown that when people use e-cigarettes, they also inhale harmful substances such as nicotine.Some e-cigarettes have levels of nicotine above standard, which is more harmful than traditional tobacco.At the same time, second-hand smoke from e-cigarettes can also pose a health risk.Long-term use of e-cigarettes can also leave you addicted to nicotine.

  E-cigarettes have the same risks as traditional tobacco.Internationally, some countries consider e-cigarettes to be a consumer product and not banned.Some countries argue that e-cigarettes, like traditional tobacco, have clear requirements.Then taobao, jingdong, pinduoduo and other major e-commerce platforms blocked the keyword "e-cigarette", but it reappeared less than a day later.

  In January 2019, hangzhou banned the lighting of tobacco products and traditional cigarettes in smoke-free places, as well as the use of e-cigarettes.In June 2019, the 34th session of the standing committee of the sixth shenzhen municipal people's congress adopted the "regulations on the management of smoking in shenzhen special economic zone", which included e-cigarettes in the management of tobacco.In June 2019, mandatory national standards for "lookah glass bong review" were reviewed or released in the same year.

  With the influx of capital and the media exposure, more and more people see the market's huge profits, scrambling to grab the market, but no one pay attention to brand culture, however, as the "electronic cigarette" to be released, how to develop thousands of domestic electronic cigarette company, the survival of the fittest is the inevitable trend, but some big companies can survive?No one knows the answer.

  However, in this 10,000 year e-cigarette market, entrepreneurs are not only concerned with their sales, but also their brand culture.In today's Internet era, technology is changing with each passing day. Whether the e-cigarette market can keep up with the development of The Times and build a better brand determines the rise and fall of every enterprise.

  The coming national water pipes for sale online standards mean that entrepreneurs can't do whatever they want in the design, manufacture and sale of their products and make everything conform to national standards."As far as e-cigarette flavor is concerned, some manufacturers claim to add ginseng to the e-cigarette oil to highlight it, which has a refreshing effect after use.If the national standard is officially released, the flavor of e-cigarette can only be produced according to the standard, and consumers can't buy their favorite flavor, which is no doubt not a challenge for entrepreneurs.

  Since the republic of China, tobacco has been an important source of national tax revenue, with the continuous development of e-cigarette market, it has formed a huge impact on the tobacco market, but the huge market gap is also an opportunity for e-cigarette, the development of traditional tobacco competition, no doubt is not always hanging on the head of the sword of Damocles.

  China national tobacco corporation, a subsidiary of China national tobacco international corp., has long maintained its status as China's first taxpayer, accounting for more than 7% of China's total fiscal revenue.According to the data released by the China national tobacco corporation at the 2019 national conference on tobacco work, the total industrial and commercial tax profit of the tobacco industry in 2018 was 1.1,556 trillion yuan, or more than 7 percent of the country's total tax revenue.

  If e-cigarettes grow as strongly as the European market, the impact on Chinese tobacco is self-evident.

  In the age of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes, can e-cigarettes replace traditional cigarettes in the future?Will e-cigarettes survive the new regulations?We'll see.