In 2019, the etsy water pipe channel is becoming the winner


  At present, there is no lack of Internet companies, technology companies, mobile phone brands and new media companies.With the "health" and "novelty" labels, entrepreneurs from different industries have jumped on board, and fat buddha glass have entered the fray.It operates more like a young Internet company, more like the earliest days of domestic mobile phone brands, which have only just begun.

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  With the integrity of the team structure of the major start-ups, the most important thing we face first after the capital injection is the "channel grab war".In addition to online, we are more concerned with the acquisition of offline channels.

  In the past two years, due to the competition of offline channels, we have seen a combination of major brands and consumption scenarios, placing disposable cigarettes in convenience stores, bars, chess and card rooms, KTV, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and other places to build a "new non-tobacco system sales network."

  Other brands are trying to quickly build caisson channels with portable batteries at their core, and then reuse other categories, such as new gift machine retailers, smart retail cabinets and vending machines, to sell items like e-cigarettes and IP toys.

  Simply put, "as we place more retail terminals, we can quickly reuse the portable battery's proxy resources and expand rapidly without duplicating the market.

  Apollo, an American e-cigarette brand, also specialises in offline channels.According to official sources, Apollo raised 100 million yuan in late December for brand building and channel development in the Apollo e-cigarette market.As a result, Apollo's cooperation with the tobacco counters of tianhong shopping center, suning, gome, shundian, hippo fresh and various 3C groups has brought considerable success to Apollo's offline lookah glass for sale sales.

  Take the whale smoke itself as an example. The advantage of the whale smoke network lies in the industrial design concept and the Internet idea. The light smoke technology has a mature sinking channel.

  In the "free-for-all" era of the e-cigarette industry, channels are the ace in the hole, wang told zinc finance.

  "There are baby stores here, too," said qiu."E-cigarettes have become the best selling product here."Many people who come to the store buy an e-cigarette and give it to a family that smokes.

  Consumer goods due to its natural channel advantage, it is also easier to enter the electronic cigarette track, to join the channel to seize the war.

  Mr Qiu told zincfinance that companies such as Rio tinto, which does not appear to have any connection to e-cigarettes, could enter the e-cigarette orbit because products such as Rio tinto, which have rich and mature channels, similar characteristics of consumer products and e-cigarettes are easy to replicate.

  E-cigarette companies generally attach importance to offline channels, a big reason is the policy uncertainty.

  According to wang, the Uighur print production line also joined the offline robbery war out of concern about policies and regulations.If a policy is suddenly issued one day, the biggest impact will be online, offline control better, can also achieve timely adjustment.

  Now it covers Internet cafes, bars, KTV, nightclubs, convenience stores, restaurants, taxis and other channels."Based on our current sales progress and expectations, we expect to have sold 36 million units by the end of next year, aiming for the top spot in disposable cigarettes.

  "Starting an lookah glass bongs business is like selling a tin," qiu told zinc finance.In the late 1990s, when wa ethnic group and nongshan spring entered the mineral water market, thousands of mineral water brands suddenly emerged.Over the years, now the ethnic brands are also like this, why only wa and nongshan spring, in fact, this is a brand process, to the last business obstacle is your brand, the operating system of the whole company: including your supply system, channel system, management system and so on.E-cigarettes are typically a low starting point, but you want to grow very late and it has a lot of barriers to the industry.".

  In addition to erecting industry barriers, future conflicts or integration with traditional tobacco, regulation allows e-cigarettes to survive in a way that determines how these e-cigarette companies should "land" in the future.

  "In addition to channels, we are also preparing for upstream capacity," he said.In order to solve the problem of insufficient production capacity, we plan to set up a self-run factory in the innovation yonggu, guangming district, shenzhen.The maximum production line can produce more than 43 million e-cigarettes per year, fundamentally solving the supply chain problem.In addition, we have developed a small ai exhibitor to help us deal with the pain of inventory management and sales.Wang told zinc finance.