The water pipes shop was ordered to rectify by the local tobacco bureau


  E-cigarette public information: the owner of a physical store in huai 'an city, jiangsu province, told the official lookah glass bongs account on Aug. 6 that he was doing business in his store on the afternoon of Aug. 5 when he received a call from a staff member of the tobacco bureau.The first sentence of the call was: e-cigarettes are illegal and not for sale.

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  The shopkeeper replied, "now it is sold all over the country. There are many shops in every city. Why not sell it?

  The owner told the official e-cigarette account that he started his business 15 years ago.Because there used to be other businesses, e-cigarettes were always a side business, and the business was always sloppy.In 2018, thanks to small tobacco products, the e-cigarette market is suddenly booming and business is getting easier.The very promising e-cigarette began to curl its arms and air dry.

  So he gave up his business and went into e-cigarettes.Recently, we have joined a more popular brand in the market, and the brand company has given subsidies in all aspects, and the policy is quite good.Everything in the store began to be refurbished according to the brand.It opens on July 28th.It also demolished a mall store, which has been renovated but is scheduled to open on the same day.

  On the afternoon of August 6, when he was doing business in a shopping mall, he suddenly received a call from a staff member of the tobacco bureau, who said: "e-cigarettes are illegal and not for sale."In the back, the staff of the tobacco bureau demanded an immediate meeting at the owner's old shop.

  The shopkeeper hurried back to the old shop from the mall.lookah glass for sale are a banned product under the jurisdiction of the tobacco bureau, officials said in a statement.

  The shopkeeper explained, "there are so many shops in every city in the country now, why not let them sell them?I sell heat-atomized e-cigarettes, not non-flammable tobacco products.

  The officer at the tobacco bureau turned around and said, "what is your name, a cigarette bomb with nicotine in it, which is administered by our tobacco bureau as long as there is nicotine in it?

  The owner told the official e-cigarette account that when I heard this, I didn't know about the law and was fooled.After a while, the shop owner told the tobacco bureau staff that there is currently no national law prohibiting the sale of e-tobacco products.If so, why is it banned from my brand party?

  "Not now, really, but under their supervision," said the tobacco official.Then he said: since this is within the scope of regulation, they must comply with what they said.The shopkeeper was asked to wipe out all the word "smoke" in, outside and on the sign.Tomorrow morning, inspectors and the director of the tobacco bureau will be on the scene.

  "On the morning of the next day, August 6, seven people came to Hong Kong," he said.The shopkeeper has a good attitude.The shop owner said that the tobacco bureau staff's attitude is also very good, the director did not say any excessive requirements.I was asked to take down all the advertisements for the word "smoke" in the store, which had been temporarily removed from the shelves in recent days.

  What advice would you give to owners of iqos fake shops across the country after all this time, the e-cigarette official asked.

  The owner offers four pieces of advice: "anyone of my age who owns a physical e-cigarette store is advised: first, don't touch the heating of non-smoking products, which involves tobacco laws;Second, doors and shop signs should not be hung with the word 'smoke'. Shop signs should not be hung with the word 'smoke' which is too obvious.Third, to understand the relevant knowledge of e-cigarette products, so as to facilitate the tobacco department to talk with our store;With a sincere attitude, accept the tobacco or industry and commerce departments on the rectification of the opinion.