Will the Internet drive water pipe bongs


  In taste, iQOS is not as sweet as steam smoke, but more like real smoke than steam smoke.Therefore, iQOS is more like an upgrade to traditional cigarettes, which is more like a vacuum tube, greatly improving the experience of using traditional tobacco.Even many longtime iQOS smokers don't want to smoke traditional cigarettes.

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  Although China is the birthplace of e-cigarettes and the source of most of their production, the size, maturity and brand influence of e-cigarettes are far lower than those of Japan and the United States.In the field of lookah glass dab rig, China's manufacturing industry is once again in the middle of the smile curve, where it can only gain low added value in the manufacturing process.

  In jd and Tmall, most domestic brands are less than 300 yuan. The price of luo yonghao's e-cigarette is 298 yuan. The flagship product of RELX yueke is 299 yuan.IQOS and Jool are involved in the 700 yuan and 1000 yuan high-end product lines.

  This is different from China's electric car industry.Wei came to China's electric car market and, like tesla, launched a multimillion-yuan advanced electric sports car, such as the Ep9, which was the first product to beat each other at the top end.Obviously, in the field of e-cigarettes, domestic brands still lack such courage and courage.

  Most e-cigarette brands still follow the business model of traditional enterprises, most of which entrust agents to produce in the form of processing licenses. The ex-factory price of this e-cigarette package is about 60 yuan, which will increase the price four to five times, with the profits returned to the middlemen and channel dealers.

  Under normal circumstances, the market price is 299 yuan, the first dealer is 120 yuan, the second dealer is 150 yuan, and the third tier dealer is 180 yuan.Layer upon layer of distribution, each link must "eat" a portion of the profits.The profit margin between rmb120 and rmb299 has been ceded to the channel.

  In fact, the domestic e-cigarette industry chain is not very different from the traditional industry. The profit sharing model in the domestic market is generally "brand profit 20%, merchant profit 30% and terminal profit 50%.That means 80% of lookah glass bong review profits going into circulation go to the channel.

  Even so, e-cigarette companies must ensure a certain scale to be profitable.A 30-yuan gross profit e-cigarette set will be sold at least 50,000 units per month to cover after-sales service, promotional costs, staff salaries and other costs to break even.The number of e-cigarette companies that actually achieve this goal is rare in China.

  Of course, the serious harm of domestic e-cigarette industry also lies in the brand and quality.The high profit of the channel is not terrible, the key product quality is reliable, the design has the bright spot, can bring the continuous buyback rate and the brand influence.At present, another prospect of domestic e-cigarettes is that more and more Internet talents are flooding into the e-cigarette market, which may bring new ideas to e-cigarettes.

  No matter be small luo yonghao, yue chaowangying, fu luzhu, CAI yuedong, are the Internet's old world.Guo guandong, former senior vice President of public relations, and fang hui, former senior director of marketing and public relations at douyu, both have rich Internet resources and have joined the e-cigarette industry.

  "Surprisingly, more Internet users will enter the e-cigarette field in the future, and many will think of emulating xiaomi's Internet model."They will make use of the existing Internet resources, surf the Internet, make use of the flat channels of the Internet, make use of the Internet products and the methodology of the channels, rely on the low and middle cost effective products, rely on the subsidy war, and once again perform the simplest and most difficult business war of the motorcycle giant Buddha didi kuaidi.Then the e-cigarette industry entered the Internet age.

  But I don't think this is a conspiracy or the future of the glass pipes amazon industry.If the network is useful, lei jun and xiaomi have done xiaomi e-cigarette, but also get the favor of others!The big players are waiting to see either because they are not thinking clearly or because they are waiting for the transparency of the policy to come in at the right time.

  At this point, inevitably, people will have some feelings.China is not short of innovation.From DVDS to online games to e-cigarettes, Chinese people are innovators and creators.Han li, the founder of the first e-cigarette, came up with a way to reduce tobacco damage and applied for a patent.He speculated about the beginning of the tobacco industry, but he did not think of himself or even the original cigarette brand, which had been hidden from view since he was acquired by the tobacco giant.

  The starting point was the creation of e-cigarettes in China.More than a decade later, China has become the world's factory for e-cigarettes.The process of reducing e-cigarette production from China to e-cigarette manufacturing in China is inevitably sad.Although we are still in the industry chain, but really influential brand not many.