The doomsday carnival of water pipes for sale


  On July 23, angel round raised SSSO for $25 million, according to public information, though it did not disclose a large investment in the e-cigarette market.So far, monthly sales of SSSOwhoosh lookah glass bongs products have broken through the domestic market through the combination of the distribution system and WeChat mall, according to SSSO.

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  SSSO officials said they are actively exploring the domestic market and will focus on overseas markets such as the United States, the Netherlands and Indonesia in the future to achieve the goal of globalization in the future.In terms of brand design, SSSOwhoosh's chief brand strategy consultant is provided by Chiang kai-shek's great-grandson, you-bai Chiang, who also reached a brand strategy cooperation with SSSO in the mainland's long orange culture company.

  You-bai has always been its outstanding appearance and the charm of independent work in the business community and attracted much attention."If the Chiang family starts again, it will not be separated from politics," he vowed.He did not like the "fourth generation of Chiang kai-shek" label, preferring to give up the remaining aristocratic interests and create his own new world from scratch.

  After 16 years of business, you-bai in Taiwan has the "most profitable design company", and in the mainland set up long orange culture and long orange brand planning consulting company two branches.The fourth generation of you-bai's involvement in the e-cigarette industry has added many topics to the industry.

  At the end of 2017, e-cigarette developer zhicheng received 30 million yuan of angel + yuan financing, this time invested by individual investors, which will be used for market development, brand building and r&d team expansion in Europe, the United States and southeast Asia.The 2017 investment is an early investment in the e-cigarette industry, but it is no small investment.

  Zhisheng can not only do b-side business, but also do c-side business.B-side's main customers are e-cigarette foreign trade companies and tobacco brands, with more than 20 upstream and downstream suppliers.C) has also established its own brand and developed 10 kinds of e-cigarettes including "blue beast" and a low-temperature, non-oil-burning e-cigarette.Forty thousand blue Beast water pipes for sale were sold in four months.

  Zhang jianwei, founder of zhisheng, has worked in production management at foxconn and SONY, and has built a vertical e-commerce platform for e-cigarettes with more than 150, 000 users.Five years later, it was discovered that zhisheng was just the beginning of his e-cigarette business.In five years, Mr. Zhang has been involved in the development of three e-cigarette brands, including Blue Beast.

  One is sulin

  As recently as 2014, the e-cigarette experience wasn't perfect, with smokers switching to liquid condensate all the time, and it was pretty bad.In 2015, yule e-cigarettes in the United States surged ahead of planned breakthroughs and advances in fogging technology.Once again, zhang seized the opportunity to co-found the e-cigarette brand SUORIN in the us, which is among the top five brands in the country.

  People in the IT industry are most familiar with the word Wintel, but IT is a combination of Windows and Inel, a business alliance between the two most influential companies that dominate the PC industry.But as an water pipes online brand, Mr. Zhang designed a circuit for Wintel that wasn't entirely compatible with mainstream e-cigarette products.

  The mainstream e-cigarettes in the market can be divided into three categories: traditional e-cigarettes represented by Juul;The heating non-combustion class represented by iQOS;Represented by Wintel, the taste stick atomized e-cigarette.Competition in the global e-cigarette market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the third path Wintel is exploring is also a differentiated competitive strategy.

  From "blue beast" to "SUORIN" to "Wintel," zhang has created three e-cigarette brands in five years, including veteran entrepreneurs in the industry.Technology is always evolving, the e-cigarette industry is changing, in the future direction, how to change, perhaps zhang jianwei can see more clearly than his peers.

  5, Mr. Juul

  Compared with the tens of millions of yuan invested by domestic e-cigarette entrepreneurs, the financing amount and valuation of American e-cigarette brand Juul can be called sky-high.In July 2018, JuulLbus corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Juul") announced the completion of a financing of us $650 million with a target amount of us $1.2 billion.If the financing target is met, Juul will be valued at $15bn.

  As of may last year, yul had 68 per cent of the e-cigarette market in the us, according to Nielsen, the leading research company.In addition, the e-cigarette market is rapidly eroding the traditional tobacco market.In 2018, the share of traditional cigarettes in the tobacco market fell 4 per cent year on year, while Juul grew 3.5 per cent.