The channel clashes with the glass water pipes novice


  Compared with listed companies, the new brands in the e-cigarette market are especially young, and even though it is recognized as the first tier in China, it was only launched in 2018.

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  In the enterprise search keyword "water pipes online", you can search 158,905 related enterprises. Yes, you are right, there are nearly 150,000 related enterprises in the domestic market. Most of these e-cigarette brands were founded in 2018 and 2019.

  Unlike many innovative consumer products, the factory is very mature, with a limited range of new entrants, and the emerging brands are largely sales-driven, says wang sheng, a partner at innogroup.

  What you need to think about is, it doesn't have much to do with the product, so what's the core of the market?In wang's view, channel is actually the key to future brand supplier competition.

  At the beginning of the industry development, Tmall, jingdong, suning and other e-commerce platforms as well as 3500, douyin, xiaohongshu and weibo were all sales channels for e-cigarette brands.However, with the naming and criticism of 315, the supervision of network channels has become more and more strict. Relevant e-cigarettes and relevant software texts have been emptied one after another, and even building advertisements have begun to thank e-cigarettes.

  Convenience stores, bars, KTV, chess and card rooms.E-cigarettes are entering a period of intense offline channel expansion as the offline channel network has become a competitive arena for soldiers.

  It turns out that senior sales people in the wine, retail, or 3c industries have been targeted by the water pipes for sale industry.

  Platinum's national channel director and retail director are cheng yuncai, former general manager of mobile phones, and duan fei, former retail director of oppo store.

  The founder of dayo e-cigarette, peng jinzhou, was the vice President of huawei brand, responsible for European marketing and domestic omni-channel consumer marketing for budweiser, heineken and other brands.

  In order to establish the channel as soon as possible, whale smoke chose to directly acquire the company as the channel of light smoke technology, and yuechi, fu lu and ali retail entered into a cooperative relationship, covering millions of offline stores.Snow a will look at the online store, community store, community store, push games.

  Wang caihe, an employee of the e-cigarette industry, revealed that e-cigarette exhibitions often encounter competitors at large music festivals, but in the actual offline channel promotion, there are no competitors except e-cigarette experience stores, convenience stores and community stores.Everyone's so-called offline channel power, water is very big.

  In the hands of agents in major provinces and cities, many channels "integrity" are very fragile.According to wang, a well-known brand of e-cigarettes in China recently suffered a product accident, and it turned out that lookah glass bongs were a low-cost imitation channel.

  In order to expand their market share, many brands have spent a lot of money in their hands, so there is a new way to play. Consumers have already used other brands' e-cigarette sticks, and they can directly exchange them for new cigarette sticks and bombs of specific brands.

  In fact, behind the channel wars, people's awareness of e-cigarette brands is weak and channel distributors' control is weak.There is a large overlap between e-cigarette users and traditional tobacco consumers.Whoever can get e-cigarettes into the hands of this segment of the population will have the most effective way to do so.

  Embarrassingly, the market may not give mid-sized brands much time to grow, and some big names are waiting to get in.

  Since the beginning of this year, Tmall, jingdong, millet and others have revealed their concerns about e-cigarettes.International giant Juul is also targeting emerging markets.According to new consumers of blue hole, qiu er intends to enter the Chinese e-cigarette market in the second half of this year and has communicated with relevant e-commerce channels.