The dilemma of the water pipe bongs market


  I'm talking to you about invitations, you're talking to me about patterns.In fact, a similar struggle took place between yuchi and Yooz.

  Before the media broke the news, yuetong and Yooz had a hard time competing for offline channels.According to the CEO of one brand of lookah glass platinum, "Yooz online channel started digging into Yooz channel like crazy, and decided to teach Yooz some lessons, and even didn't rule out the possibility of death, so there was a rumor that McWell was going to cut off Yooz channel.

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  Wang's original intention was romantic.My father smokes two packs of cigarettes a day.In order not to disturb my mother and me, he always went to the balcony alone to smoke."I hope my product will make smokers less bothered by people around them and less worried by those who love them.

  However, no matter how romantic, can not dilute the market competition cruel.

  According to public statistics, by July this year, the domestic e-cigarette industry has completed 26 financing projects, with a total financing of more than 1.3 billion yuan, of which the single financing reached a maximum of 300 million yuan and a minimum of 10 million yuan.

  Capital is bloodthirsty, the outlet of jet water pipes is like a piece of bloody fat, a large amount of capital into.Zhenfund investors regret missing the higher wang ying.

  From the current market share, yuechi has occupied a large part of the share, but in the face of the rapidly changing environment, as well as the ensuing luo yonghao, CAI yuedong, yuechi will face a heated war.

  At the shenzhen international e-tobacco expo this year, 1,500 e-cigarette brands participated."But in reality, we think there are 2,500 to 3,000 e-cigarettes," said wang meng, chief commercial officer of wake e-cigarettes.

  The war has only just begun.

  In January 2018, wang ying and several of the founders got together, looked at the smoke and told the origin of "yue zhi".

  "Compared with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes will cause 95 percent less harm," luo said on the platform of Flow, an e-cigarette brand founded by his father zhu xiaomu.If you are a traditional cigarette user, Flow Fulu e-cigarette is a good choice.

  The entrepreneur's words were euphemistic and seemed to be all over the place.But e-cigarettes are cigarettes, after all, and their birth is the opposite of the word health.A gathering of 315 people soon threw cold water on the hot market.

  At the party, e-cigarettes were criticized by name for not only releasing harmful substances that threaten the health of smokers and passive smokers, but also for long-term smoking, which can lead to nicotine addiction and increase the likelihood of smoking.

  In addition, there are also some problems in e-cigarettes on the market, such as the labeling of nicotine content in the cigarette oil is not standard, the content is too high, in the use of e-cigarettes will produce formaldehyde, propylene glycol, glycerin and other harmful substances.

  As soon as the show was broadcast, major e-commerce companies fell silent, with Tmall,, suning and other online platforms finding few "e-cigarette" products, but soon after it seemed to smell the early rain, lookah seahorse coil sales began again.

  At such high risk, millions of people have raised their minds to make e-cigarettes, and even after being named by 315 political parties, the market is still booming.What's the magic about e-cigarettes?

  The answer must be windfall profits.

  In 2018, the total tax revenue and profit of China's tobacco industry was 1.15562 trillion yuan, and the total national finance was 1.00008 trillion yuan, equivalent to the profits of "two barrels of oil" + "four big Banks" + "BAT".

  At present, the number of smokers in China has exceeded 300 million, accounting for 1/3 of the world, far more than the number of smokers in the United States. However, the penetration rate of e-cigarettes is only about 1%, less than 1/12 of the American market.The gap between the two is large enough to create a company with a market capitalisation of more than $100bn, as long as policy allows.

  This huge economic benefit is very attractive, full of original sin.According to a recent "36kr" report, even wang sicong is not sitting still and is considering joining the e-cigarette capital war.Earlier this year, Pusey capital invested 10 million yuan to buy vitafupe's only e-cigarette.

  Tobacco has always been monopolized by the state, however, the emergence of e-cigarette is the emergence of capital to use space.

  Taking advantage of the empty policy window, countless amounts of capital entered blindfolded, as in the dark, trying to occupy the market quickly before the final "boot" landed, because of the price of future security negotiations.

  From falling on the grass, to strengthening the resistance, and then to accepting zhao an, this has been the only way for the green man to improve his own value and realize his dream of life.

  This is also consistent with the principle of leverage in economics.