Why do so many people choose to invest in the etsy water pipe market?


  In addition, in terms of products and channels, CAI has caught up with senior employees in the industry, including executives from well-known companies such as Procter&Gamble, Uber and Dell, as well as members with eight years of experience in smartphone development and overseas sales.

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  With a high-quality core team, CAI yuedong is full of confidence.

  On January 20, CAI posted a poster on WeChat that read: "start a business, start over, you need your support!"The first round of Yooz lookah glass bong review went on sale in moments, opening doors to see red and selling 5 million on the same day.

  After leaving his uncle, Mr. CAI said in an interview, he went to silicon valley to study and began experimenting with investing.After focusing on small tobacco products, I thought it was valuable and effective for the function of cigarettes, but I couldn't find a product in the market that had a good comprehensive experience, so everyone started using Yooz.

  Mr Tsai appeared unsatisfied with Yooz's success in firing its first shot, saying it would expand its distribution channels and continue to raise funds in the future.

  But in March, he chang, one of the founders, left Yooz and appears to have created a new brand, Lami.The departure was linked to Yooz's financing, with some investors saying it would not have invested in Yooz if it had remained on the team.

  From this point of view, after he chang left I am afraid there are still complex interests.

  It is worth remembering that new "uncle tonglu" zhang jinyuan has also joined the ranks of lookah glass dab rig.After the acquisition of tongdao uncle in 2016, zhang and CAI yuedong, a tsinghua university alumnus, became successors.

  Earlier this year, li yan, chairman and CEO of zhang jinyuan united media holding co., LTD., ren yi, chairman and CEO of Mikesh, zhang dafeng, founder of China jinhuicai, sha xiaoping, visual CEO, zeng hang, military CEO ii, and Jiguo launched LINX rhino cigarettes.

  The fire is getting hotter and hotter.

  During the Spring Festival, Ms. Wang and her founding members had planned to attend a tobacco exhibition in Las Vegas, but for a time, the rapid changes in the e-cigarette market and the frantic entry of large Chinese capital scared her out of the plan.

  To be born in adversity is to live in safety.Wang ying clearly understood the precepts left by the ancients.

  Launch of new products in August 18, yue super launched three new products, including smart atomization cigarette smoke "new" point, "the new platform" RELXMEAPP and "new scene" electronic cigarette vending machines, face recognition of the three products constitute the yue chi's official official "new retail hardware intelligent mobile Internet + +", "new ecological consumption".

  The ecology of Internet companies is like an invisible "ghost" that everyone has heard about, but no one has ever seen with their own eyes.It's hard to say if there are ghosts in the world.After all, science cannot prove it, let alone the naked eye.

  It is also confirmed that the invisible things may be more valuable. I have to say that RELXYueke is very good at keeping pace with The Times and knows how to market itself. E-cigarettes can shout out "ecological" games.

  To underscore its position in the e-cigarette industry, Ms. Yue cited data from EuroMonitor International, a third-party market research firm.According to the data, yuetze takes the first place in the field of e-cigarette, accounting for 44% of the domestic lookah glass platinum market, more than the 2nd to 10th place combined.

  The company's cumulative financing is also several times that of the second to tenth brands combined, according to co-founder jiang long.

  Look from these data alone, yue ke seems to be far ahead.It has been more than a year since yuechao received the angel round investment of 38 million yuan from the capital source and IDG in June 2018, which started the capital competition in the domestic e-cigarette market.

  All this makes its rivals jealous.Not long ago, during a new product launch at the RELX China hotel, sa wang, CEO of shekah e-cigarette co., visited the company's "vegetable garden" in person without invitation.Unfortunately, wang sha was caught red-handed and was immediately invited to leave the meeting.

  Although the Internet industry is as big as a giant and as small as a start-up, no one can claim absolute innocence when it comes to entering someone else's garden.But leaders rarely lead by example, as the fierce competition in the industry shows.

  Later, in order to avoid embarrassment and save some face, wang complained in the circle of friends: "last month, when the new product of xuega was launched, the big party invited the competitors to communicate with each other.