Water in exhaust pipe: pre-dawn revelry

      There was smoke in the meeting room.Marketing departments, advertising and online delivery companies gathered here to launch what they called a "brainstorming session" for upcoming projects.

  Sitting in a corner, staring at a blown-up powerpoint picture on the wall, Ms. Lee, 26, looked comfortable swallowing a cloud of cloud while holding a stylish e-cigarette.

  Electronic cigarettes more healthy than traditional cigarettes, there are many flavors to choose from, mango, cream and mint, "said lee Li.

lookah shop image.jpg

  These days, young people like lee have jumped from traditional cigarettes to lookah glass dab rig.With its strong sense of industrial design, healthy rhetoric and varied tastes, countless people have moved e-cigarette smokers, even those who don't smoke.

  Thus, e-cigarettes seem to grow out of the unknown underground overnight, with flowers everywhere.

  Don't be so wild.It's just a little wild

  Chen recently became the face of ono's e-cigarette brand.He looks a bit haggard in the short film, even in the decade after the 2008 incident.

  And originally stood in the industry of electronic cigarettes, yoko ono chose cooperation with Chen, may want to combine the double sword, achieves the negative effect.

  Chen's sign-up fee reportedly reached tens of thousands of yuan, suggesting that the brand has lost money, reflecting its ambitions to enter the market.

  As the co-founder of ono lookah glass for sale, luo yonghao arrived just in time.Thirty minutes later, he reposted his micro blog to the top, claiming that the joining of Edison Chen was his wish for Lao peng (peng jinzhou).I didn't think peng would end up implementing the technology, he says. "it's really a mix of emotions.

  Luo yonghao's feelings are not groundless.For many years, although he took his bully dress, but also equipped with a another injury prevention and resurrection armor, but still failed to reverse the situation.

  After the collapse of Smartisan, some key members left their posts and chose to start their own businesses, including peng jinzhou, who started a small business, and zhu xiaomu, former vice President and employee of Smartisan 0001.

  Luo himself has been dubbed by many media as "cross the line" industry lights.Therefore, it is very important for luo to make quick money on the e-cigarette train.

  Before leaving smartisan to start making fulu e-cigarettes, zhu xiaomu had planned to make e-cigarettes inside smartisan.He told luo the idea.After a series of discussions, the plan was not approved.

  Luo yonghao thought that smitsan was not fit to do this at that time, but he still wrote a sentence for zhu xiaomu: "this is a good project, you can go out to start a business, so in the" liao tianbao "press conference in January this year, luo yonghao made public the" liufu road "platform scene.

  Many speculated at the time that Mr. Luo had already entered, but Mr. Zhu later denied that in an interview.He said Mr. Luo didn't have direct involvement, equity or financial support beyond helping to provide a platform for Mr. Fu because he didn't have money.

  Whether or not zhu's claim was true, at least at the time, the seeds of e-cigarettes were planted in Lao luo's mind, and he visited shenzhen to inspect factories for the purpose.

  Eager to try, Mr. Lo finally went to sea in April, joining dayo, an e-cigarette brand founded by former smitsen President peng jinzhou, as a co-founder.

  In the Internet industry, the largest flow of IP website Lao luo joined, so that the newly founded yoko ono was born into the focus.In July, the brand successfully completed a 30 million yuan round of angel financing from investors including Jun sheng Capital and Hong Ta Group.

  Mr. Lo's move adds to the already popular market.

  Luo yonghao is far from alone. CAI yuedong, the founder of the same uncle, is one of them.

  CAI on the east was born in 1988, was more than 30 years old now.He looks fresh in the picture.However, CAI yuetong, who sits on a multimillion-dollar fortune, became active on weibo only six years ago, drawing fans' faces for the first time with mediocre results, and then quickly gained popularity by creating a series of cartoons complaining about zodiac signs, reaping a lot of traffic.

  In 2015, CAI yuetong began to broaden the battlefield, opened WeChat official account, and set up shenzhen tongdao cultural communication co., ltd. to carry out business operations, with the first year revenue reaching 50 million yuan.

  Until 2016, listed a-share company legg mason culture bought A 72.5 percent stake for 217.5 million yuan, and CAI received 178 million yuan in cash and successfully broke away from the media.