Future trends of etsy water pipe market in China

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  3.1 product positioning will be more clear

  At first, the owner of the e-cigarette quit smoking and the user he met was a middle-aged man.But today, the use of e-cigarettes has been more defined as a fashionable and cool minority culture.It is not accurate to define lookah seahorse coil as smoking cessation products.E-cigarettes can exist as a stand-alone consumer product.

  The famous American brand VaporFi, for example, is marketed as a fashionable form of e-cigarette life with a mission to revolutionize the way people smoke.The slogan of the brand, "let's rock 'n' roll together", which advocates the "Vaporfi "e-cigarette oil to be more enjoyable than real cigarettes, is" let's rock 'n' roll ". It emphasizes cool, fun, social, sexy and sensual, focuses on the goals of 18 - to 45-year-olds, and turns legions of foreign fashion celebrities into loyal fans and spokesmen.

  Thus, if e-cigarettes are limited to alternatives to cigarettes, the overall image of e-cigarettes will inevitably become obsolete, losing the purchasing power of young potential users.The product positioning of e-cigarette is very important.

  3.2 policy may be a key factor affecting the development of e-cigarettes.

  Abroad, different countries have different attitudes and policies towards e-cigarettes.

  So far, some countries are opening up to lookah glass rig, especially in Europe and the United States, where e-cigarettes are growing rapidly, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other countries, and Japan, Malaysia and other Asian countries are also showing a boom trend.On the contrary, many countries around the world remain wary of e-cigarettes, even though they have not been completely banned.But the situation remains grim.

  As mentioned above, in China, the regulation of e-cigarette is almost blank, which does not belong to drugs, medical devices, nor does it belong to the formal category of tobacco.China's regulations on "tobacco monopoly", tobacco monopoly, not including cigarettes, cigars, filar silk, paper, tobacco, cigarette paper, filter rods, electronic cigarettes, cigarette smoke and special machinery, steam, etc., as a result, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration has not yet issued on electronic cigarettes corresponding standards and laws, most of the electronic cigarette is still in the "three nothing" status, product standards, quality supervision, safety evaluation is not high.

  The rapid development of the e-cigarette industry will inevitably bring about some regulatory problems. Once the relevant regulatory provisions are implemented, they will inevitably influence the e-cigarette industry in some way.

  3.3 brand will be the key to the emergence of e-cigarette products

  As in other industries, e-cigarette makers at home and abroad face the problem of how to brand and dominate themselves.In the face of the small scale and chaotic situation of domestic e-cigarette manufacturers, the construction of e-cigarette brand is almost the first goal of all manufacturers in the next step.

  Due to the dilemma of e-cigarette brand construction, the reason is related to the ecology and preliminary development path of e-cigarette industry in China.As mentioned above, the global e-cigarette industry chain presents the status quo of the demand center in Europe and the United States and the manufacturing center in China.As the largest manufacturing country in the world, China has been at the middle and lower end of the global industrial chain for many years, although it ranks at the forefront of e-cigarette production and export all year round, which is similar to the industrial dilemma of China's manufacturing industry.

  Although we undertake the physical manufacturing of major e-cigarette brands in the world, we have long been short of self-owned brands, innovative technologies and market awareness. The disadvantages of foreign enterprises in terms of self-owned brands and sustainable management have been gradually reversed. If we do not strengthen brand building, China's e-cigarette industry will face another reshuffle.

  3.4 from decentralization to integration of lookah glass bong review production

  At present, the domestic e-cigarette brand pattern is still small and miscellaneous, the industrial chain is also relatively scattered.It is foreseeable that in the future, enterprises with channel advantages will rely on stable order resources to guide industrial integration, complete the layout of the e-cigarette industry chain including the core, cigarette oil and atomizer, transform from B2B to B2C, strengthen the upstream and downstream control, and obtain more profits from the industrial chain at the same time.Like foreign giants, it is a clear trend for the e-cigarette industry to move from fragmentation to integration.