Offline retail of glass pipes


  Offline e-cigarette stores tend to look "out of the ordinary", with staff wearing tattoos, baseball caps or baggy clothes on the street.On the store's screen, you might see videos of players smoking cigarettes, hip-hop or electric music playing in the background, skateboarding, repurposing cars or hip-hop dancing.E-cigarette bricks-and-mortar shop owners are mainly experienced, many of them store operators and fans of the wapu culture.

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  "It is understood that there are currently about 2,000 glass pipes amazon experience and retail outlets in Hong Kong," he said.In Shanghai alone, there are more than 150 e-cigarette shops, most of which have been built in the past two years.An e-cigarette chain called CYOVAPE is also stationed in shopping malls, such as raffles in people's square and wine light at jing 'an temple.E-cigarette retailers generally do well, with sales in prime locations in first-tier cities reaching 100,000 a month and some reaching 150,000 a month.

  However, the same good performance was not seen all over the country.

  Shandong was the first province to rise in 2015 and is considered the largest e-cigarette province in China, with more than 100 offline stores.But by 2016, fewer than five cities had opened 20 or 30 stores, many of which had closed.

  At present, the characteristics of e-cigarettes suggest that only the core areas of first-tier cities can give them the soil to grow in.The price of e-cigarette is generally high, which is a typical consumer upgrade product. The price of lookah water pipe is concentrated between 200 and 400 yuan, and the quality of e-cigarette can reach more than 1,000 yuan.Blindly selling low-cost e-cigarettes can affect the user experience so that they will never buy them back.

  In addition, second - and third-tier cities are less able to accept new things than first-tier cities, and many e-cigarette enthusiasts say they are often mistaken for drug users when they spit out their rings.

  This has created an awkward situation for e-cigarette stores, which can only survive in first-tier cities.

  At this point, we can pause and summarize the characteristics of e-cigarette offline sales channels:

  2.3.2 online retail

  Online is also one of the main sales channels for e-cigarettes.

  Currently, the top five e-cigarettes on Tmall are from the discovery flagship store, junrui flagship store, yankui flagship store, haocheng flagship store and jade curling flagship store.In consulting with customers, Mr. Nathan found that none of the five e-cigarette brands had an offline physical store.

  In the price range, the turnover of taobao is the largest, between 150 and 200 yuan. The products with the highest sales index are 300-400 yuan, and the products with the highest number of high-quality babies are 20-50 yuan.Overall prices are significantly lower than those of brick-and-mortar stores.

  Here is a chart showing the characteristics of e-cigarette online sales:

  2.3.3 characteristics of recent financing brands

  A number of local e-cigarette brands, often the focus of the investment community, have recently received financing.What Nshen is going to show you next are some of the features of these newly financed e-cigarette brands.

  The improvement of industrial chain has brand awareness.

  On December 22, 2017, the e-cigarette developer "zhisheng" completed an angel + round of financing of 30 million yuan, invested by individual investors.

  Zhisheng has developed 10 types of e-cigarettes, including "blue beast", as well as a low-temperature, non-combustible, lampblack e-cigarette, and sold 40,000 units in four months.

  The business model of zhisheng is B2B2C.Its customers are mainly lookah seahorse coil foreign trade companies and tobacco brands, with a total of more than 20 upstream and downstream suppliers.

  In addition to providing products, zhisheng can also provide product research and development services for b-terminal.The total cost of developing a single product (from product establishment to completion of intellectual property transfer) is about 500,000 yuan, and the r&d cycle is about 45 days.The new factory jointly established with a listed company covers an area of more than 6000 square meters and has a monthly production capacity of 300,000 units.At present, zhisheng has signed four customized product development contracts.The company's main customers have 15 (including the empire, Renault and other international tobacco brands), tap water more than 1 million yuan per month, a gross profit rate of 35%.

  In C, zhisheng is also interested in building its own brand.After this financing, zhisheng will set up Tmall and jd brand stores, open two physical stores in Shanghai and Beijing, and attract investment by joining the brand.

  Investors who chose to outsmart this time around also reflect the idea of e-cigarettes on the move.It is understood that this round of investors have been engaged in overseas trade for more than 20 years and have more trade channels and customer resources in Europe, the United States and southeast Asia.